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Is it a fair fight

I wish to touch the sky
But whenever I am about to jump,
Fear grips me tight
Even when I shake it away,
The comfort of the ground helds my feet firm,
Here I am standing confused,
Looking up at the sky with longing eyes
Fighting between my wish or comfort?


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It hurts

It hurts when you have to make
everyone happy even when you are not,
It hurts when you have to justify
things even when you are right,
It hurts when your efforts are
gone unnoticed,
It hurts when your sacrifice never
ever been acknowledged,
It hurts when being good
never made any difference,
It hurts when things go out of hand
even after trying so hard,
It hurts when you try to act as
grown-up but being mocked.
It just hurts when your wish is
blurred by things in the name of duty!


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Happy new year

Here’s a fresh notebook
To write new stories
To make new memories
To develop new interests
To ease out stress
To explore  new ways
To create new perspectives
To get new companions
To care and love yourself
Make up your mind and start
Filling in the pages one by one!


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What is life!

What is life ? I asked,

Life is between growing and shedding

said the leaves,

Life is between chase and escape

said the deer,

Life is between rise and set

said the sun,

Life is between start and end

said the rain,

Life is between gain and loss

said the banker,

Life is between sea and shore

said the waves,

Life is between birth and death

said the doctor,

But for me , Life is always

The final step between giving up and trying again!



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Who are you

You are that playful daughter
Who is yet to grow up,

You are that caring sister
Who sacrifices her choice,

You are that brave wife
who tackles endless responsibilities,

You are that sweet mom
who loves her kids indefinitely,

Even with so many identities,
are you happy in your life?

or have you compromised
yourself with a heavy heart ?

If so ,do something you dreamt of
and create a unique identity,

anything that makes you proud and say with a smile

That’s who ‘I am’!

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Just like a baby

It’s easy to lie down and laze around,
not moving hands,
not even twitching fingers,
not using legs to move around,
not talking or eating,
not seeing or dreaming,
just sleeping with peace,
But hold on, Enough of imagining
and sighing 😀
even babies can’t resist doing all this,
when it’s born 😋
Always Be active and feel alive just like a baby!🤩

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I promise,

To hold your hand till the end,

I promise,

To add more happy memories,

I promise,

To live with you forever,

I promise,

To make all your wish come true,

I promise,

To love you more than I could imagine,

I promise,

To take away all your sadness,

I promise,

To make this promise a reality!

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