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Hope is like a plant
Fruit of positivity,
Add more good thoughts,
Fertilize it with a dream,
Weed the doubts,
Nourish it with the hard work,
Keep it in the promising surrounding,
Work on it day and night
Till you see it strong and alive.

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Enable, don’t block

When we always do everything for our kids and parents, have you ever thought about the impact of that on their life? When there is a new technology which they have to learn but finding it difficult initially, Dutifully we come forward and do it ourself, without giving them an opportunity to learn. I don’t deny we are making their life easy. But At the cost of making them dependant on us?  After the first time, they don’t ever try to learn as we are there to do it for them.

This reminds me of an old story I had heard in my childhood. When someone is in suffering, don’t give them money, teach them how to earn money. Clearly, the former one just solves the temporary problem but the latter one solves their future problem also.

Keeping this in mind, next time teach them how to do the work, how to make it work. Be there, support them and supervise them when they try, But don’t do it yourself. Make them independent and eager to learn new things in their life. This is the correct way of helping them and motivating them to experience the thrill of doing things on their own.

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Candle sketching


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Let’s start this new year from first month with a feeling of gratitude. It could be about anything you have or anyone you met in life. When you find the feeling of gratitude, you will feel good and see the positive things in your life. I will go first, I am feeling grateful for the things I have achieved in life. Now its your turn, take a minute and comment about it😀

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There you are Green and tall
Waving your leafy hands cheerfully,
Every new leaf gives me hope,
Flowers are your innocent smile,
Sometimes i think you feel for me
When you shed your leaves,
I stay mesmerized when you play
With the birds swinging here and there with wind
Even with few up and down ( shedding and growing)
You stand still with pride in front of me.

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Message in Name

Stay motivated and positive
Always dream
Run towards it
Any day is good to start
Nurture your thoughts
You will find hope everywhere
Always find just one reason not to give up.

PS: I am curious to hear about your name and message it says. Leave a comment.

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I should not have looked

I was riding happily as a kid,

Not comparing or worrying,

As i grew up, i started looking around

comparing,analysing and hesitating,

Still i rode but with no trace of fun,

My ride would have been amazing

without those querying glance,

So I  just wish sometimes, I should not have looked.



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Happiness is a small feel,
which act as quick heal,
Always be happy what’s a big deal,
That’s where lie your heart’s seal.



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Day’s Beginning

Sun climbed the hills
Birds sang merry song
Darkness is going away
People are waking up.

Birds sang merry song
Welcoming the day
People are waking up
Ready for the surprising day.

Welcoming the day and
Being positive
Ready for the surprising day
Dreaming and planning the day.

Being positive and
Feeling energetic
Dreaming and planning the day
Hopes are high.

I am Feeling energetic
Darkness is going away
Hopes are high, as
Sun climbed the hills. Related image






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