Find the right one

“Sanju , go and play outside. I am busy with something.” I stared blankly at the book and lied.

“Come here my dear sweet sister. We will solve this puzzles” He said in the sing sang voice.

“No means no” I tried not to be harsh , my mind was scolding me , I am projecting anger on my friend towards him.

He remained silent for a while but he was looking at puzzle with sad eyes. I looked up and sighed.

“Okay let’s play. But only one time” I said, smile lit up in his face magically.

He opened the puzzle box and spread out the pieces, it is to fit the right pieces and come up with a picture. It seemed pretty simple.

But I was not even looking at the pieces, my mind was in yesterday’s fight.

“I am done” he said and whistled happily.

I looked at mine, I didn’t even start. His answer was perfect . I smiled at him and got up to leave .

He held my hand and said “Sit down. I will tell you how I did” I sat down reluctantly.

“See each of the pieces are unique. They don’t fit with everything, but that is the fault of the piece, it is simply how it is designed. You can’t get frustrated. You should wait for right piece to come along, which will fit perfectly with this. Look for it, and proceed on like that ” he smiled broadly telling his small trick.

I hugged my little brother . I don’t know when he became this much responsible. He never stays at home , not even when I ask for him. He go out and play. But today he knew I was sad, this game is just a way to tell me not to worry. He was right though, may be we can’t fit well with all our friends. May be few were meant to leave us . Harsh , but truth . I stopped blaming myself for the fight and nodded understandingly at my brother.

“Okay then . Now I will go out and play ” he said in childlike voice and went out.

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