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Always be content

I don’t want to stay at top
And look down at people below,
I don’t want to stay at bottom
And sneak up at the people below,
I want a place somewhere
In the middle,
And a sense of satisfaction, peaceful
Smile at my face!


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உன் புன்னகையில் தேடுகிறேன்
என் வாழ்வின் பெருளை!

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Amused girl


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Happiness Overloaded

Sometimes a small
yet satisfying smile
appears within you
slowly becoming bright
you share it with few
happily very generously
they share it with few more
Like this it goes on and on
Reaching everyone
Try to be the reason of someone’s smile
to experience that priceless feel – ‘Happiness overloaded’

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Be happy

Happiness is not something you attain. It is never a result of some happening in your life .  It is simply a conscious choice you make daily. Whether you have something or missed something you can be happy, only key thing is your desire to be happy however the situation is.

You can give only those things which you have it yourself, so be happy to give others the same happiness. We attract those things which we want, so  you should first want to be happy . More importantly chose to be happy.  Give out positive vibes.

Challenge the problems with smile and laugh at your hurdles. Come on , smile and, Be Happy 🙂


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குழந்தையின் சிரிப்பு – Baby’s laugh

கேட்க கேட்க திகட்டாத

 மழலையின் அழகிய கவிதை -சிரிப்பு


One beautiful poem

Which you never get bored of ! – Baby’s Laugh


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A little playful carefree smile
appeared magically,
filling every inch of my face,
slowly  spreading out
reaching the heart,
that unfamiliar happiness,
Overflowing mind with satisfaction
self approval and pride ,
there happened the rebirth
of my confidence , the new me 😉

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