Haiku – Moon

You rule the sky

like a princess,Inspiring

million stars to shine!



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What inspires you to thrive for more

I met Srija in my first day at new school. When Everyone was hesitating to start talking, She was going here and there with smiling face and mingling with the crowd, helping everyone to relax a bit and to talk.

She was so cool and friendly person. That was the first impression I got about her. I was so admired by that attitude. I was looking at her when she came towards me to introduce herself.

I suddenly looked in different direction, She patted my shoulder like a long last friend and smiled.

“I am Srija. You can call me sri “ She winked.

I couldn’t stop my smile and stammered “I am Sarumathi. You can call me …” I started thinking.

“May be saru ?” She offered a suggestion. I smiled gratefully at her.

She stays  positive even during stressful times with smiling face, sometimes making others envy with that carefree attitude.

“This year student of the year goes to Srija. she has topped in class and also in sports” My principal’s voice used to echo every year in microphone repeating the same sentence. She was so humble,  being in top position never stopped her from mingling with others.

I always took her to my home , She even  stays there sometimes during holidays. She made me great listener  also with her stories.She loved her family very much, always talks very cheerfully about them. Her mom , dad and her little sister all seemed sounded so fun to be with. She narrates her daily incidents at home, first thing right after , she arrives to school.  I was so curious to meet her family, They kind of seemed like my family as I was hearing about them daily. But on contrary to her, I was so silent girl from my childhood , I was so scared to talk with my stammering. She made me talk a lot with others and sometime in stage too. She made sure I overcome that fear. That eventually happened one day.

“Sri I want to meet your family once. Will you take me to your home today ?” I asked curiously.

I thought she will be happy hearing that but she appeared sad for a second. Then regained her smile.

“Do you really want to come home today ?” She appeared to be taking time to think about it.
“ I really want to “ I replied slowly.

“Come on then. I will take you home.” She dragged me along with her.

When I reached her home, I thought her family had gone out. It was so silent house. I started looked around for them. She happily ushered me inside and went to kitchen to take snacks.

I  also followed her and said “It’s okay sri. No formalities na. I just want to meet your family. All this can wait. Where are they ?”

She took me to the other room. She said cheerfully “See mom, This is my best friend saru. That girl I was telling you about all these years. Come on , Saru, This is mom,dad and my cute little sister, Nila”

I looked around but found no one. She then pointed to the wall at the pictures she was talking to .

My eyes welled up. I looked at her with heavy heart, But she had the same smiling face.

“It’s okay Saru. They died when I was child, I only heard story about them from grandma. But I think they are still here with me. I didn’t tell anyone about this in fear of living in sympathy. I got scholarship every year so I could study as they wished. No worries”

I still couldn’t control my tears. I hugged her tight. I have seen many people around me , even I complaint about my good life. But she didn’t complaint even a bit about it. She accepted her life’s reality. She even achieved their dream and remained so happy with all this in mind. I couldn’t even imagine if anyone else could do that. She is great inspiration for me, One personality I would remember every time to cross any hurdles in life. I am happy I met her in my life. Its very true  ‘You are as unlucky, as you think you are’.

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Dear past

Dear past,

You know how special you were to be when you were my present, I have laughed a lot , at the same time cried a bit with you.  I have achieved but also failed sometimes. I don’t think about those laughs and success   all the time now, In the same way don’t expect me to stick to my cries and failures.  I am matured enough to be humble with success, Don’t you think I am matured enough to forget my failures?

You are so cruel sometimes, in my sadness you remind me of my failures and shortcoming backing up with lot of facts. Only If you could just do the reverse, Reminding me of my success when I am sad. I would have kept those memories with gratefulness.

Sometimes people say ability to forget is a boon. I also believe that now. I don’t want to add your burden by making the present the regretful past in future. I have moved on, I have started working with present to make it better tomorrow. you also move on , be bold enough to let go of all your sorrows.I have no grudge on you, I wish you also don’t have any. Don’t burden yourself by keeping all those memories, Just let go of hurt,tears and failures. Keep it light with happy carefree laugh and success. I am planning to add the same to you from now on. Present and future is having more faith on you, Because you made me who I am today and you will make me more strong than today.

With Thanks,

Your present and future.


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Is it so cool to be popular in social media

Did you ever tried to recall  how satisfied we were before we get addicted to this smart phone social(Virtual) world? We took one photo out of blue, we framed it and were happy seeing that , we used to show it to all our relatives and friends when they came home. Now trend has changed, Click the selfie or group picture , share it instantly to social network and became restless if no one liked that picture. If noone liked that we began to self-doubt , wasn’t it  a good picture?

Most of our time is spend in grooming our picture with effects and filters , then actually taking care of our own health or beauty. Foods left forgotten in interesting chatting. Even emotions are limited to smileys.  We put a lot of  effort in making the chat without any interruptions, But what about the person sitting right next to you ? We talk to them with our eyes glued to phone , half of the time we don’t have any idea what they are talking about.  You will be isolated in your own world. Remember One day when you decide to stay away from phone, no one will be there to be with you.

You can be so popular in social media. You can have lakhs and lakhs of followers, you might get millions likes. But for this virtual happiness we are spending more precious time , thinking about what to post next, what picture should I take, we are losing the real happiness . we are even missing real happiness of traveling, with few pictures, songs and movies. Leave all that, Look around your surrounding. Connect with real people and places. Don’t let your world shrink to the size of phone screen, Take off your eyes and live your life.

PS: Saying all this , I am not exception to this, But I have realised it at least now , What about you ?

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You,me and love

Arya was waiting outside her hostel. Yazhini rushed outside to meet him. Still her charm pulled his heart just like the first day. He always fall in love on seeing her. Thinking all this , he got lost in his thoughts.

She tapped his shoulder to bring him back to earth. She smiled her radiant smile.

“Your smile is ….” He started something.

“Beautiful ? Cute ? ” She suggested rolling her eyes at him.

“Nah magical. Always spellbound me” He winked.

“Your have improved a lot from your first day. Being insensitive to this “She laughed.

Today is her birthday. He wanted to make it memorable for her. After thinking numerous options he got a beautiful gift for her. With his plans he wanted to surprise her.

Out of nowhere she said just like reading his mind” Okay. Surprise me today. Nothing usual, no cakes, no parties. Suggest something new.”

Smiling He gave her a neatly wrapped gift box saying “Anything for you my lucky girl. Here it is!” She, “A gift? That’s what you call something unusual?”  She laughed. He joined in her laughter and said, “First take this!”

She was about to open it, But he took that from her hand, placed it in car and said “Let’s go Out!”

They roamed whole day going to temple, restaurant and then finally to a shopping mall.

“Okay now, It’s your favorite. Let’s shop” He said teasingly.

She couldn’t control her smile , and started her hunt for dresses.

“Shall I take anything from here ?” She asked playfully, pointing all the floors .

“Yes anything” He said happily.

“How about this ? that one and that other one ?” She asked excitedly.

He laughed “Go slow. We have all the time in the world.”

She smiled and started looked around seriously.

He waited patiently , as she got busy in her shopping. He couldn’t stop himself from looking at her. She seemed so cute. He always felt the connection from the first day. He had a huge crush on her from college days, But was trapped in the fear of facing her.  Destiny was in his favor, as workplace brought them together. Then it took only few months for her to realize the love and propose. Getting the proposal from your crush when you are least expecting it. He smiled thinking about that magical moment.

“How is this ? ” She appeared after trying long list of dress,  waving one cute pink dress in her hand.

Before he could say something, She checked the price and bit her lips saying “It’s good but .. way too costly. You already spent a lot today. I will take this one ” She pointed to her second favorite dress from that and said guiltily.

Even after convincing for long time , She was not ready to take it. She adamantly said ” My birthday . My wish. Let’s go”. She pushed him out of the shop.

After roaming all day, he dropped her back at her place.

” You always make me feel special. I feel so lucky. Today is the best day in my life.” She confessed.

” Nah I am so lucky to have you. Everyday is best , when you are with me. Did I surprise you?” He said hesitantly.

“You always surprise me , even at unexpected time. I am tired. goodnight” She turned to leave.

“Wait. Real surprise is waiting now. Don’t you want to your gift ?” He pulled the gift box from the car.

“Oops I forgot” She punched her head and got ready to open it with excitement like child.

She opened and found the same dress she liked first, neatly packed,  Beautiful pink dress. She couldn’t utter a word in surprise.

“When did you get this ? You were with me , the whole time. It is that same dress right ? It’s so beautiful” She said lovingly.

” After visiting quite a long list of shop, I got this for you last week. But when you chose the same dress today it was a real surprise for me” He laughed.

“Today I can say you know me more than I know about me. I love you” She hugged him.

” Happy birthday Yazh. I love you so much. I promise years and years of togetherness with you.” He hugged her tight and whispered  in her ears.


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PS: Inspired by true story of my friend.


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Who decides your limitation

When I was a kid , I read a story. There was an insect which was kept in the container for an experiment , They locked the container with a lid . Earlier when they trapped the insect , it tried few times to get out of the container, But the lid was tight . It couldn’t get out of it, Out of frustration it started merely circling around inside the container.

In few days , They removed the lid. Still the insect did not get out. It stayed there till its death. It is surprising right ? Can you guess the reason ? Because It never tried again, after failure. Now , Lid was not the only reason  for the insect trapped there. It is its own belief , that it won’t be able to get out. That small belief was so strong to keep it away from trying.

Is only the insect like that ? Close your eyes and think once , How many limitation you feel you have in your life ? Are they really limitation  or it’s only your assumption that it is your limitation ? Let’s say you want to try something in your life . You assume your family won’t like it. They think you wont like it. Now who is putting limitation here ?

Before believing you are trapped, Try to break out of it. Limitation can change with your perspective. If you are feeling low and see it from one side , it seems your highest threshold. If you are feeling confident and  see from other side it seems your beginning point of new horizon 🙂

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Funny love story

“You love me, don’t you?” She asked in dull voice not taking her eyes off the book she’s reading.

He got scared with the question thinking why she is asking that suddenly.

He replied in confused tone “Ofcourse I do stupid.Don’t you know ? Why what happened ?”

She replied suppressing her laughter “ Yeah I know. Can you please get me water from the fridge? This book is so interesting”.

He can’t stop himself from smiling and replied “ You are way too much”.

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