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The guy who is looked up at

I sometimes wonder the ripples we see in the surface of the water, is it caused by the stone thrown just now? or is it caused by the constant tension forming beneath the water all these years? Do you think a smiling person as happy as we assume them to be or the smile is the well-crafted mask they wore to hide the sadness beneath? Do we even succeed in looking through it?  Without knowing what they are feeling, is it even fair to advise them to be happy? Are we crazy enough to think wealth, money, fame, power are enough to make someone happy?  Maybe our definition of happiness is not their definition. Surprisingly even small things can make you happy like reading a book or talking to a friend or petting an animal. Everyone sees the world differently so as their essence of happiness differs. Do try loads of small things to find your happiness or a spark to live, Before taking the big step to give up.
Long live Sushant Singh Rajput in our memory. You are always an inspiration for the people to dream big.


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Dream vs reality

Many words left unsaid

Many things left undone

Many songs left unsung

Many stories left unwritten

Many foods left uncooked

Alas dreams don’t become a reality

Unless you work and do it!

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My dream was not impossible
It was clear as sky
Light as air
Still it was my need much
More than water or food
It kept me motivated
Made my life alive
Made day and night as one
Now as its reality
Its time to start dreaming again 😉


October 31, 2018 · 11:01 pm

Sweet dream or harsh reality

Here I go

In search of that distance light

In long tough journey,

Moving  with all my will power,

dream of that light

Urge me to move forward

Even when my mind confuse me with doubts,

Even when I stumbles with hurdles,

Even  when the surrounding is pitch dark,

Even when I am  too scared,

I carry that dream in my heart

Holding it alive with all my energy

Mild smile lit up my face in anticipation

When I drew near, my heart beating fast,

After reaching,  My heart filled with satisfaction

I stay silent for a while enjoying its beauty,

mind is overflowing with unmeasurable happiness

Even when i know it’s not real,

I can not help,

I hold on to that light like its my life.IMG-20170622-WA0003



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Middle class problems

“Raju what are you looking at ?” His mom’s voice floated out from the hall.

“Mom, quick Come here. I want to show you something.” He yelled happily.

His mom came out in confusion “What Raju ? Why are you yelling like this ?”

He ran and dragged his mom to the puppy standing in the road.

“Isn’t that cute mom? Shall We keep it? ” He asked, his voice shaking with excitement.

She smiled at him and said in low voice “It is cute, but… ”

He asked anxiously “But what? ”

She looked at him painfully and said ” But we can’t keep it Raju”

“Why mom? I will do everything you say. I will even finish my food quick. I will do my homework without fail. Please please allow me to keep it” He pleaded.

She smiled at his innocence and continued “That’s so sweet of you to do everything but we can’t keep it”. He began to think how to convince his mom to take that puppy.

“What’s going on? ” Came a harsh voice.

They both looked at that side. Her house’s owner was standing there glowering at them.

He got scared and hid behind his mom, she put a protective hand behind him and answered her in uneasy voice “Nothing big. We are just talking.”

She flashed a fake smile at Raju and asked “What were you telling Raju? ”

“Aunty, I was asking mom if I can keep that small puppy,” he said in a hopeful voice.

Her face got even more red on hearing that and she yelled at his mom “Didn’t I tell you while giving you home, No pets are allowed? ”

Her mom closed her eyes and replied gritting her teeth ” That’s what I was telling him. I ..”

She didn’t let her finish and continued in same harsh tone ” Better you make him understand” and left.

He saw his mom standing there with a painful look on her face but didnt understand the problem and asked slowly “We live here, Isn’t this our home mom? Can’t we keep it here”

“No Beta. We get to only stay here, not live freely here. I am so sorry We can’t have it at home. ” She finished in a deep voice. But being a kid he was still clueless.

His mom dragged him home, Raju turned around and looked at puppy until it disappeared from his sight, it was also looking intently as if questioning him,but he merely shrugged his shoulder expressing his helplessness. Sometimes being in middle class you have to save your dreams and likes also, for future, along with money!!

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Dream came true

“It was the first time , we are seeing you like this” Her mom said in mid of happy tears.

She wiped her mom’s tears and replied “Aww senti. Let me check your pulse”. She took her mom’s hand to check.

Her mom laughed and said “Come on , your mom is all fit to live another 20 years, Go and treat your patients”

She smiled and turned to go, Her mom couldn’t take her eyes off her daughter’s white coat and stethoscope , living her mom’s dream.

PS : inspired by some true story

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Two line story

She is very good dancer entertaining everyone,

But her performance is only limited to dreams, her stubborn legs didn’t move a inch from wheel chair.


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Unfulfilled dream

“You know I had a dream yestereday , It was raining heavily and I was playing in it, Sun was hidden in the clouds and It was about to come out and I was eargerly waiting for rainbow and guess what…” Suddenly her voice lost that excitement she had at first.

I smiled at her and said “You suddenly woke up before seeing the rainbow”.

She laughed, “Is it that predictable?”

” I am hearing same dream for long time. Why you are so eager about seeing rainbow ? Did you ever that see in your life ?” I asked curiously.

She thought for a while and replied ” I did not see ever. Not even once. I want to see rainbow once in my life, either in the dream or in real. But I had to wait a long for it I guess”

I patted her shoulder and said “Sometimes waiting is also equally fun”

She nodded and lost in her thoughts.

“Swetha , Make it fast otherwise we will get late to office” I honked my car. It’s been a while since she had that dream,  I wondered did she have the same dream again.

“Ya Shree. I am here”, She replied her voice is muffled in middle of eating.

She hurried outside stuffing some notes in her bag.

“Did you prepare well for the session ?” I asked her in concern.

She replied “Ya I did prepare well. Let’s see there” and she took out the notes and began reading it.

I noticed the huge traffic jam on her way, I checked the watch and wished we reach office on time.

We were waiting in the line of cars, Suddenly it started raining, and out of nowhere I saw the rainbow appear. I couldn’t control my excitement. I looked at her eagerly. She was still reading her notes.

I turned her face towards me and pointed to the rainbow. Suddenly she was smiling broadly , all her stress lines gone for a second. She lowered the window and was fully admiring the rainbow, her joy knew no bound. She whistled in happiness. I let her enjoy the moment, After all it was her long time unfulfilled dream.

She smiled at me , I told her  ” Some of your dream became reality like this in a unexpected time. you have to wait for the pieces to fall in right place in right time”. I nodded understanding my point. May be few dreams in our life are like this, occurs after long waiting, But surprise us when it happens. Have belief and wait for it.


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When I am feeling sad,

You make me happy

When I am happy,

You double my smile

When I am alone

You stay with me,

When I am confused,

You give me your wisdom of light,

We discuss in our poetic way,

People say you are not perfect

But for me you are everything,

Though you are always at distance

You watch over me

My life long companion 🙂


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Stand Out!

When everyone was preparing to impress the interview panel, he was working to build his dream company tirelessly.

He walked into the graduation hall to notice that he was really the odd man out there.

#Story of Successful Enterpreneur


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