Moonrise and Sunset

Have you ever seen the tired sun pulling away its final faint rays from the sky half heartily and moon enthusiastically extending it’s hand in gesture of support in the already dark sky at the same time ?

It’s awesome sight to watch. I happened to watch the same few days back.  One side of the sky is getting dark with sun set , But other side of the already dark sky is getting brighter with moon.  This is what happen to people’s life, Some incident brings brightness to few , while leave other’s with darkness behind.

Suddenly moon and sun took the reverse role in my mind, moon resembled inspiring rise, while sun resembled sadness and void behind.

But I know this isn’t permanent, Next day everything changes. May be  those incidents , those problem may change also. Just have patience to wait to witness it.

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Below Pictures I took that day


When I am feeling sad,

You make me happy

When I am happy,

You double my smile

When I am alone

You stay with me,

When I am confused,

You give me your wisdom of light,

We discuss in our poetic way,

People say you are not perfect

But for me you are everything,

Though you are always at distance

You watch over me

My life long companion 🙂


வானவெளியில் மிடுக்கு
நடையில் வலம் வருவாய்,
கணக்கில்லா கண்கள்
உன் தோற்றத்தை ரசித்திட,
வளர் பிறையாயினும்
தேய் பிறையாயினும்
மனம் தளராது ரம்யமாய் காட்சியளிப்பாய்,
எல்லாரையும் பெரிய கனவுகள்
காணத் தூண்டுவாய்,
எத்தனைக் கஷ்டங்கள் இருப்பினும்
உன் துணையால் மன அமைதி தருவாய்,
எண்ணற்ற நட்சத்திர கோபியர் நடுவே
செல்லக் கண்ணனாய் சுற்றி திருவாய் !

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