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Presence of mind

There was silence for a long time. She sighed and wondered whether he’s listening to her or again started looking at his phone. She cleared her throat before turning around to check. There was no response still.

“Are you even listening to me ?” She said in irritated voice looking at him.

“I was… I mean I am listening to you” He said in a lost voice.

“Really? Can you remind me what I was saying to you ?” She rolled her eyes looking straight at his eyes.

“You know I get lost looking at you. Your words just flew away” He threw his dazzling smile.

“Good escape” She pursed her lips trying to look angry but smiled broadly then looking at him.

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Sad microtale

“You should rest for a while, you can read some other time, I mean … ” She stopped in mid-sentence and her hand froze in mid-air near the book. “I wish I could have done this earlier. But time is the only problem” He looked at the calendar counting his last days in the death bed. Books help him to hold his sense together till then.

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What’s love ?

“Love is … “ He started thinking for the opt word.
“Blind?” She offered teasingly, looking at him from distance.
“No stupid. Love is usually never blind like our’s” he winked at her replying even more teasingly.
She came close, kept the hands in her hip and asked angrily “Is our love blind ?”.
He thought for a while and replied slowly “Yes love is blind, you are so conscious about looking after me, my wish, my needs, likes, dislikes, you are not seeing what you are doing to yourself in the progress. Clear your mind and try to see peacefully, We had envisioned a life together of happiness doing whatever we wish and fulfilling all our dreams. Don’t let the days flew away without living. Love me always but live for yourself also. Will you let me do this for you at any cost?”.
She hugged him tight with the tears in her eyes. He is right to some extent.

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Sheela was worried and sat silently staring out of the window, she is just 10 year old. Her dad wants to make her understand life and to see her happy.

“What happened?” He asked her.

“I feel sad” She replied in meek voice.

“Okay Lets go somewhere” He pulled her hands affectionately.

While crossing the construction site, They saw the old building being demolished and stones of various size are littered around the place. Her dad got an idea.

“Let’s play a game” He said cheerfully to her.

She looked around the place and questioned in confusion “Do you mean here ? ”

“Yes here only. Can you lift that small stone? ” He asked.

“I guess yes” She went near that and lifted that stone.

“Good. what about that? ” He pointed to the bigger stone than the previous one.

She started to say no but her dad said “Before you say no , look around and see the bigger stones than that. Do you still think you can’t  lift that one ?”

This time she was bit confident about it and lifted the stone. She was happy about it, she had done something which she thought she couldn’t  do.

Her dad patted her shoulder and said “These stones are like problems you face everyday. You can surely lift it with little extra effort. But your fear blocks your ability and make a false assumption that you can’t do that. Before solving any problem in your life, look around and ask yourself is that really big problem than those huge one’s out there. I won’t give you false assurance, life is never a bed of roses, in the same way it is not full of thrones, I wont ask you what is your problem now, but whatever it is , solution lies inside you, which you need to find, instead of being sad about it”

She nodded understanding the life and added cheerfully “Let’s go home dad. I have some things to work on “. Her dad smiled at her change.


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Raise your hand if you are also one

Have you ever felt

Any new path reminds you of your favourite path,

Have you ever felt

Any new book reminds you of the book which was close to your heart,

Have you ever felt

Any new recipe tickles your taste bud exactly the same way as your top food list ,

Have you ever felt

Any new lyrics made you murmur some dear old song,

Have you ever felt

The confusion between taking it as blessing or throw it away as frustration

Have you ever felt

The most pressing question arising in your mind,

“Is it really happening or simply dejavu induced by imagination”


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“I want icecream” says kid , after throwing lot of tantrum it gets icecream.

“Give mom little bit” says mom teasingly.

“No it’s mine” says kid sternly.

Few years later

“Mom do you want icecream?” Asks little grown up boy.

“Yeah get it. Take wallet from bag” says mom busy with purchasing.

“Here you go” says kid with only one icecream. Mom looks questioningly.

“I am not in mood to have. You have “ kid tries to sound cheerfully for mom , empty purse in hand still seems heavy in that little heart.

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Shortest stories

• She realised the meaning of life when she’s bedridden.

• “Please talk” he whispered looking at his mom’s picture, now he has time but it’s too late.


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