Self cleansing

Today the world is completely different from the one we had known all these years. We can’t go out as we please or can’t stay close to the people as we used to do. We are hearing and trying to apply new terms to our dictionary ‘Social distancing’. We are forced to let go of the things we used to do like partying, gymming and roaming around. Now we are filtering out the need from the wish and fun. If animals are moving back to the comfortable and natural habitat and the environment is self-cleansing, then can we do this to ourselves? Look around you and filter out the unneeded things from your life without which you can live as usual. Look inside your mind and try to do something that you have always wanted to do but was procrastinating because of not having time. Now its time, so start digging up and explore your wishes.

Sad microtale

“You should rest for a while, you can read some other time, I mean … ” She stopped in mid-sentence and her hand froze in mid-air near the book. “I wish I could have done this earlier. But time is the only problem” He looked at the calendar counting his last days in the death bed. Books help him to hold his sense together till then.

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Is it a fair fight

I wish to touch the sky
But whenever I am about to jump,
Fear grips me tight
Even when I shake it away,
The comfort of the ground helds my feet firm,
Here I am standing confused,
Looking up at the sky with longing eyes
Fighting between my wish or comfort?

Short yet , dark story

Teacher was asking everyone to tell about their wish.

When it’s her turn , she replied innocently “I wish it rains”

Teacher was curious and asked “Is that it your wish ? why is it so?”

She said in deep voice “My dad has planted rice, Dad is eagerly waiting for rain , this year too , like past years. He said rain will bring us food. I wish it rains”

Teacher hugged her and prayed her simple , yet fair wish to come true.


जिंदगी कितना अजीब होता है|
पलक झपकते ही
कोई अजनबी, हो जाते साथी |
कोई काश लोग हो जाते दूर हमसे |

कोई तो बोलके भी सुनते नहीं ,
कोई तो दिल की बात  भी पढ़ लेते है|

इस अस्थिर जिंदगी से
मुझे  कुछ उम्मीद नहीं
कुछ  शिकायत भी नहीं 
पर मेरे सपने पाने की उड़ान है |
एक ही दुआ हे चलते चलते
किसी एक को  बस उत्साह करदे |

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अप्राप्य इच्छा

कडुवे सच और मीठे सपने
के बीच छोटा सा फासला हे अप्राप्य इच्छा


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நிறைவேறா ஆசை

கசக்கும் உண்மைக்கும்
இனிக்கும் கனவிற்கும்
இடையே உள்ள
குறுகிய இடைவெளி நிறைவேறா ஆசை

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