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Iam Groot



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Imaginary emotions

As the human we have wonderful power, to bring & relive the happy moment in the past in our mind or to overthink any fearful/hurting Situation over and over again.

The effect of these two thinking is different. When you think of a happy or funny moment, it surprisingly lost its fun part after some time. But when you think of fearful/hurting situation we add our imagination and think what if it happened like this, what if anyone thought like this. we ourselves make it big, unknowingly with our thinking alone. Otherwise, it’s fairly simple emotion Happiness, Fear or tragic. Agree?

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Story challenge

He wore lipstick with shaky hand and looked outside the window lost in his own world.

Sighing he took the tissue near his face, but they weren’t enough to wipe off his tears.

He broke down and sat on the ground , her memories are haunting him day and night .

He is living with all the evidence she had left behind reminding her stay in this world. She is smiling at him as always from his wallpaper.

PS: Story starting with “He wore lipstick ”


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Untold story

“I wanted to tell but I couldn’t , that’s why I wrote a book for her . I wanted to tell the whole world that I loved a girl , she was my soulmate” He said in the interview with stone face, sometimes happy endings are limited to the book.

PS: story picked from imagination.


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From the day I remember
She is always with me like a close member.

Whenever I look at a mirror,
She whispers in my ear
Highlighting only my minus to my terror.

Whenever I try to smile at someone,
She quickly points out
How someday it might spoil the fun.

Whenever I appreciate something,
She just laughs at me and says
How I don’t even have that one thing.

Emphasizing something she makes me jealous,
Thinking it will make our relation zealous.

Whenever I try to reason with her,
She makes a sad face
And let the feeling of the guilty stir.

She says, she wants to protect me
But I am pretty sure
She wants others to neglect me.

Whenever I feel happy and content
She fills my mind with her wicked stories
And make my feelings dent.

Even when I am dying every day,
I can’t run away
Because she merely resides
Within my mind like a curse all the way.

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What is it!

I am bit scared of people
I crouch in corner seeing
even the friendlier smile,
To hide it I say ,
I am good to be left alone!
I put so many filters and
Try to interpret people’s action
In my own version,
Did I say ‘yes I overthink a lot!’
When it’s time to make
Meet strangers, I shrink myself
And wish to disappear.
True right, I couldn’t even succeeded in
Being my own friend!
Oh that girl has nice hair
Should I say that !
What if she just get angry at me,
I don’t let the words leave my mouth,
I always swallow, keep it safe in my mind.
Oh I am looking cute in this hair style,
But Why she is staring at me,
I end up concluding
‘I am not good looking’,
With sigh, I change my hairstyle to normal one.
I hide myself from others in fear of rejection.
I am always a little girl
Living alone, away from others
Convincing myself with fake assumptions
Is it a protecting shield or a self-contained prison!

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Inside out – sadness

She’s my favourite character in that movie , so emotional and dense. While I was watching that , she touched my heart, making me realise saddest memories never remain sad forever. I hope you like this.


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