Sad microtale

“You should rest for a while, you can read some other time, I mean … ” She stopped in mid-sentence and her hand froze in mid-air near the book. “I wish I could have done this earlier. But time is the only problem” He looked at the calendar counting his last days in the death bed. Books help him to hold his sense together till then.

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First and second love

He opened a book to start reading

“Did you forget me ?” She asked as soon as she saw me.

“ No. How could I ? “ He replied with shock.

“Good to know. I thought you are busy with your new love “ Her voice faded with pain.

“Of course not. You know always You are my muse, my inspiration “ He tried to reason out .

“Yeah , but you don’t have time for me now a days .Did you move on so soon ?” She asked with hesitation.

He turned around and looked at his table to find something , but notepad and pen were there.

“Come I will show you something” He said in excitement, coming out of his thoughts.

He went to library and looked at long array of books there , moved his hands longingly on his favourite books.

“There you go. That’s the precious place for you , my first love , reading. I will never move on, no one can replace you. Not even my new love for writing.“ He kneeled down and said lovingly.

She also looked at library and smiled heartily , felt he was right , atlast she found her home. she realised she has taken her permanent place on his heart.

That’s my story of first and second love.

Literature – People

I like to read people

Look around and read with curious eyes

Sometimes people are like open book

Few hide the pain

In poetic way,

Few take any situation

In humor sense,

Few make their point

Crisp like haiku,

Few rhyme well with others,

Few live their life

Interesting as unpredictable story ,

Few engross themselves

In the fantasy world away from others,

Few act  like

They are in  drama stage,

Very few live in reality,

In non fictional way

Going with the flow blissfully,

Few are not my type of literature,

But I am fond of every one around me

Because they kindle the avid reader in me 😀

Me and My Poetry

Poetry is like the air I breathe,

Reading is breathing in and writing is breathing out.

Two of which I cannot live without,

Poetry is like my heart,

beat in sync with words and feelings

Which I cannot live without,


Poetry is like my childhood,

Always fun to be remembered,

Shaped me who I am today,

Without which I am literally nothing 🙂


Written for the Contest ‘ You Complete me’ By Abirami


Every time when i meet you,
We get lost in each other,
Sometimes i stay awake to be with you,
I wonder how would i feel without you,
I have never let you out of my sight
Even when someone was talking,
I have left food and work all for you,
You are always my long time companion,
You are the most favorite topic always,
I can talk about you for ages,
I never get bored with you ,
Because am so so obsessed
about reading,
Cannot wait until i finish the book 😉

PS: Dedicated to all Bookworms

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