Have you planned your year ahead

I remember reading this somewhere “New year is like a new diary to be filled”. That’s quite true though. In these 365 pages, we have the opportunity to add as many chapters as we like. We can try new hobbies to find our interest in it. We can find new friends to share our life’s secret. We can find our life partner to hold hands for the rest of our life. We can find a new job of our choice. We can read books from our reading list. We can travel to new places to enrich our experience. We can rewrite the old chapters in last year with a new perspective. Close your eyes and starts planning. Who knows you will end up collecting wonderful memories in this new diary!

Sad microtale

“You should rest for a while, you can read some other time, I mean … ” She stopped in mid-sentence and her hand froze in mid-air near the book. “I wish I could have done this earlier. But time is the only problem” He looked at the calendar counting his last days in the death bed. Books help him to hold his sense together till then.

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Move on from the past

Let’s say You like a book, you spend lot of time reading it , you really enjoyed the flow of the story, you can literally feel the smile litting up your face on mention of the book. But that story had unexpected sad ending. Same story which made you smile some time back ,left you alone with tears. Now when you think of it again , even those happy moments haunt you badly . But being the loyal reader, you visit your bookshelf and look at it with teary eyes. You don’t dare to pick it up again and read or forget about it.

Now coming back to your question, our past is like this book, which you might have enjoyed but can’t bring it back again to relive . Because you know now how things will end, it’s time is gone. Present is waiting eargerly to get your attention. Try to live in present for a change.

Books my life shaper

• Books give me patience to wait and know the person before jumping to judgement at first chapter.

• Books tells me that life never flows clear as water, there is always some change in the flow.

• Books reminds me that there is always a reason/incident behind a person behaviour.

• Books make it clear, any ending is fair based on your perception.

• Books shows that smile, tears, laughs,anger, all has their chapter in life.

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Need your valuable opinion

Hi friends,

       You might have seen post about my book ‘poetic medley’. Some might have checked it out already. Some would have missed it. Here is the link for you. 

Let me tell you about it. It is books which few of my poems. Okay. This is definitely not to market That book. This is entirely different topic.

 That is my first book through lot of struggle with editing and publishing steps I have published it with kdp self publishing. I was happy with the results.

I was thinking , what would be my second book about ? I want to hear about your opinion about the reader’s preference.

You have read my poems ,short stories and motivational articles, So far I haven’t tried novels. Would you like to read collection of short stories like poem collections or any other works genre ? Please leave your wonderful suggestions.


Every time when i meet you,
We get lost in each other,
Sometimes i stay awake to be with you,
I wonder how would i feel without you,
I have never let you out of my sight
Even when someone was talking,
I have left food and work all for you,
You are always my long time companion,
You are the most favorite topic always,
I can talk about you for ages,
I never get bored with you ,
Because am so so obsessed
about reading,
Cannot wait until i finish the book 😉

PS: Dedicated to all Bookworms

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Books are wonderful companions ‘ .  I have heard this often ,before it had became as my hobby. At first it seems very odd. why should anyone cares for some mere paperworks. But it was much more than that. All of us have different way to enjoy the book . Reading a book is like travelling in  new world and to make new friends(characters) . It’s like our dream world and it’s feels like we are living among them .Obviously it is lot different from  watching the movie and reading a book again is like meeting our familiar  friends back . All have their favorite category and authors.But none of  that matters , just the feel of having a book we love in our hand. That’s amazing. It make us forgot all the worries in our mind. It advises us in our life to do things correctly.We became so involved in that books that the story or theory looks  realistic. Every author have their own way to narrate the things .They imagine them in their character’s mind, just like  readers do. For me my book shelf  is valuable thing  in my home.Every book  holds some memory in my life. But how many of  us have the patience to enjoy this all ?

If you are also book lover like me , feel free to check out my books.

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