Happy Republic day

My first ever vlogging for this republic day on the topic patriotism 😊

New Freedom

I was lying lazily flapping my big ears probably half-asleep lost in my thoughts. When my master first brought me here from my home, I was missing everything there. I would close my eyes and imagine being there in dense forest with loads of food and the refreshing river water with my family. Even once I tried to find my way back, But I couldn’t remember much, as I was very young back then. My owner used to control me with a stick and tied me with the chain. Here food is very limited and also he gives me when he wants to, not when I am hungry.  I wish someday I get the chance to find my family and to be with them. But later I got used to this place. It was kind of fun to see the kids jump at my sight shouting “See ! there’s an elephant”. 
I was pulled to present with the sudden commotion around me. My master was packing everything and leaving somewhere in a hurry with his family.  I noticed with a sigh that he didn’t keep any food for me. I asked myself can I go somewhere in search of the food. I looked at my legs, luckily in the hurry to leave, He had forgotten to tie me with the chain.
I got up with tremendous effort carrying my gigantic body. I moved out of the house and started walking slowly.

In the past, these streets used to be crowded with people. There were some functions I would go with my master,  kids happily rode on me, people got my blessings and gave me bananas or a piece of paper which my master took it with joy. He never let me go anywhere alone. He always clutched my chains in his firm hand and forced me to go with him.

Today I am walking on my own without anyone to control me. Finally, I found some hope to fulfil my wish. My legs were eagerly taking me forward towards the forest. Streets were empty and all the doors were closed.  I wondered where did humans go? I hadn’t spotted even one person. It felt strange. On the way, the banana smell was wafting in the air momentarily distracting me from the nearby farm. Cautiously I looked around making sure no one was there to shoo me away. I went inside and had loads of bananas until my stomach was full. I hoped that should hold off my hunger for some days. Dogs were encouraging me to go fast, Did they increase in numbers from the last time I remembered? I wondered.  The summer heat was intolerable so I went into the river and cheerfully started bathing. My body felt energetic after this refreshing bath.  While leaving the village, I noticed some closely packed houses. Then a small girl squeaked from a window pointing at me. Unknowingly I felt happy like my good old days. I had some pressing questions in my mind, why were they all inside the house? why won’t she come out to ride on me? I went close to the house and tried to tell her silent goodbye before leaving. I tried to trespass the gate. It collapsed completely as I tried to move further inside. But I got confused and mentally swore ‘ I had merely touched them’.  The pleased look on her face got changed into fear. It was hilarious how these humans used to control me with a small stick. But now they were scared of something and have locked themselves inside the house. Did anyone more powerful than humans exist?
I moved towards the forest, with every step my heartbeat was increasing in excitement. Trees were happily welcoming me home. I went deep inside the forest to embrace nature and to breathe the freedom in the air.

My right to freedom ends where yours begins

Everyone needs their personal space. They have also their precious border. But being so preoccupied we tend to forget it. We happily invade their border and we don’t even know that.

Let’s analyze a few such incidents. We go on an outing as a family, after coming back, we all will occupy the couch, won’t move an inch enjoying the rest time, except her. I don’t understand how she has that much energy left in her to make a quick dinner.

While getting ready to go somewhere, at the last minute, I needed an important thing. I kept on searching for a long time making the room messy. She comes as my savior and finds it in a minute but I don’t thank her, I even get angry at her for keeping it somewhere safe and leave. Ironically Even I don’t know where did I keep my things.

We get ice-creams for all, I have finished my favorite ice cream, she gave me her share also saying, she doesn’t like. I never wondered was it always like that or just because it was my favorite.

She doesn’t buy a dress for her birthday saying she has much dress. But she gets one for me when it’s not even my birthday and even when I have loads of new dress already. I never had given it second thoughts.

When I am having a slight cold, I get to rest In peace, thinking my mom is there. But even in high fever she stays active and does her regular chores. I never stopped and told her to rest.

I was so happy comfortable in my extended border, enjoying freedom, unaware of the fact that she is reducing her personal space to put my priorities over her until I took her hand and made her walk into my border to make both of us have an equal border. Give freedom to others, it’s never late to realize how much you were taking theirs. Really her(My mom) freedom ends where mine begins.

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