Happy Republic day

My first ever vlogging for this republic day on the topic patriotism 😊

Newborn bonding

I was anxious, I think you might have guessed that yourself by seeing me roam here and there on the hospital floor. I kept on looking at the operation theatre’s door as if I can see right through that. People say that God alone is the final support at such times, So I placed my hands together in front of me and started praying. Oh, that’s better, I tried to calm my mind a little bit. I needed to be strong. I took my mobile to look at the time but began to stare at its wallpaper. There she was, smiling happily at me, my one and only daughter touching her tummy affectionately. My hands reflexively clutched the phone tight. I looked at the labour ward. I wish I was there with her inside holding her hands tight. She was a strong girl from childhood, she would be fine, I tried to console myself looking at my crossed fingers.

The doctor came out with a nurse, looked as if they were discussing something seriously and then he asked something to the nurse, She looked hither and thither and pointed towards me. They gestured me to come near them. I moved as fast as my legs could carry me. My heart beats increased and I could feel the tension in the air. 

“Doctor, how’s she ?” I asked in a shaky voice.

He looked up from the file and said with the practised smile “She’s fine and so is the child. She’s blessed with the baby girl. Congratulations Aninitha Ji”. I sighed in relief. Luckily nothing was serious as I expected few minutes back. I thanked the doctor holding my hands together at the same time looking up at God with teary eyes. I rushed inside to see them. My daughter was still unconscious. I went near her and wiped her tired sweaty face with my saree’s edge and kissed her forehead.
A nurse came in and handed me the baby. My joy had no boundary on that day. My eyes were shedding happy tears.  I remembered the moment when I got my daughter for the first time in my hands.  She looked exactly like her, same stubborn curly hair and big round eyes. I was lost in my memory. She was making some sounds as if trying to get my attention back to her. My heart was overwhelming with joy when her little hand clutched my finger with immense strength.  I sat down beside my daughter and kissed the baby’s forehead and held them both close to my body and silently promised myself to take care of these two until my last breath.

Plant your love

Being in relationship is like gardening,

First You plant a small seed of love with anticipation,

protect it from rain and storm,

nurture it with more affection,

water it with intense care,

Eventually you also grow to be a better person,

Finally you admire the slow remarkable transformation happened !

N̶o̶t̶ ̶a̶ Love Marriage

Sakthi was little upset. From the night she was expecting her husband to say that. But he was very busy today, got ready early and went to work even before she woke up. There was a note at table saying “Sorry will be late today”. Her face fell reading that.

She sighed. It was their first valentine day after marriage. She wanted it to be flimy. Then She consoled herself saying after all it was life not any cinema story.  She got ready and reached office. At reception, She found a parcel with her name. She was little surprised. She took it and opened with curiosity. There was a small key chain in heart shape with a note ‘ Let’s the surprise begin’. She smiled seeing that.

She almost reached her phone to call his husband , but decided to wait and see all those surprise before calling. From there started her gifts arrival. Every one hour she got a lovely gift. Chocolates, greetings,small toys . She couldn’t stop herself from beaming.

At last , she couldn’t wait any longer, took the phone to call her husband , She got the call from him at the same time. She took the call and wanted to ask him out for dinner.

But before she spoke , he said ,  “Come down sakthi. Let’s go for dinner” . She was happy with their wavelength. She hurried down.

She wanted to say a lot. But didn’t know where to start. She kept on pondering the thoughts until they reach the restaurant.

When they went inside , She saw her final surprise, candle light dinner, that was something she always wanted to have with her love. She could not hold her tears, She remembered all these days she was sad thinking it’s just arrange marriage , not love marriage and it will not be exciting.  She took a minute to compose herself.

She cleared her throat and said blushingly “I love you Shree” , He looked up at her and smiled.

“At last hearing this from you.” He said with affection.

She laughed and said “I didn’t even hear that yet from you ”

He cleared his throat nervously and said ” you know already right ? I love you forever”. She smiled wholeheartedly.

Being silent people , they rarely expressed their feelings.they completed the dinner in silence and got up to leave.

Sakthi took his hand for first time by herself, That was first public gesture of love she had shown. He held her hand tight , silently saying , they have long way to go in their life together. She was very happy, knowing some dreams do come true at unexpected time.


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