Different people ,different perspective

I have read a story in my childhood. It is about 5 blind men describing the elephant by their touch as they come across different parts of an elephant in their life journeys. Even when you show the same thing to different people,
their version completely differs based on their experience, view and imagination. But we believe, our version is a reality, other person is completely wrong and lacks the basic understanding of things. Before you argue, before you fight,
Before you raise the voice, just think for one second that, they are a completely different person with a different perspective, which is right to them as your version is to you. This simple realisation can save ourselves from the ego and fight in future with others we face.


we meet countless number of people in our life daily like the waves in the sea. But only very few leave their footprints in our heart in any form of relation (mostly as friends).We like to keep their sweet memories in our life.Just their name brings smile in our face.We want to have them forever in our life but due to many reasons that’s not always possible.Hmm we can’t complain  that is life. But their memories stays evergreen in our mind giving comfort and familiar warmth whenever we look back. Sure all have some precious  friends like that. I dunno how many such  friends I lost like this in my life and am still looking for them,to have them in my life but not only as  memories.


Our world is full  of people. All are a lot different from others. Some are different in appearance like short,fat,lean, tall,fair,black, strong,weak but all are different character wise. Some are jolly type, moody type, silent, confidence, good,bad,greedy,sad,happy and much more. It’s very hard to even  categorize them.God should have lot of creativity and patience to make all of us 🙂  But we think sometimes that how good it will be if all are like some specific people. But  just imagine if are alike ,like us , how many confusion may arise 🙂 and boring this world may seem .So  how much different others are ,that much interesting they seems to us.Even not all of our fingers are  similar. then how could we expect the people to be.seven different colors in the rainbow  which make it wonderful. Likewise different kind of people make this world beautiful to live. All have many unique  qualities. Stop looking for us in someone else or  looking for someone else in our self,  just enjoy the company of people as they are , which will definitely avoid lot of disappointments and increase of love to others 🙂


Whom are we scared of !

Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest physicists ever, is reported to have said that we live on a minor planet of a very average star located within the outer limits of one of a hundred thousand million galaxies. I have read this line in the book ‘ who will cry when you die’ by Robin Sharma. I was really moved by this thought.

In that world, we might live in a small country which narrows down a small city and then very small locality. In that, we know very less amount of people, even in that very small amount of people we see or talk to every day who can be counted as our friends or relatives. This is a very rough overview of one’s social circle. There is a very minimal possibility is their other person also consider you like this in their social circle.

Next time when you are worried about, what is this so-called society will say about anything you do, take a deep breath and ask yourself, how many people will come in that ‘society’ tag and how many people in that really matters to you or vice versa. I am sure you will get more clarity 🙂

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I am hurt

“I am hurt”

We hear this statement. May be others might have said this and we would have provided them consolations. But how many of you ever acknowledged your own heart whispers this ?

When we are hurt , we either try to distract ourself with some other activity and avoid thinking about it, we simply lock up the feelings. But Does that reduce the hurt or help it in any way ?

Face the feelings, find the root cause of it and solve it. That’s one and only way to reduce your hurt. Don’t act like strong, If you are hurt , accept it, acknowledge it. It is nothing to be feel guilty about, everyone is hurt now and then.

Main thing is finding out why were we hurt. It is always Because of only one person in this world. Come on , Guess!

You are hurt because of you alone!  No one else.

Don’t you agree ? But Let me tell you few example.

You like someone, you give all your attention, care them endlessly and mistakenly except the same from them and get hurt when it is not given. Why would they do that ? For them to give you attention or to care for you , they should also like you and value you.

Now whose problem is this ?

They did not ask you to show that care or affection or attention, they are happy to be left alone, now if you let them take you for granted, let them play with your feelings, you will obviously get hurt. You indirectly hurted yourself. I am not saying stay alone in some island, Keep people around you. Show your feelings. If you get the hint that they does not care , Accept it , because you can’t force someone to be with you. By doing it, you may be irritating them or belitting your feelings for them.

People can say anything or do anything. It is definitely not in our hand to stop them or to make them understand, But one thing is surely in our hand, to keep ourself safe from all this sufferings. Now Do onething, keep your guard high, Don’t let anyone who don’t know the value of you , waste even single second of your life. I repeat not even SINGLE SECOND.




Find the right one

“Sanju , go and play outside. I am busy with something.” I stared blankly at the book and lied.

“Come here my dear sweet sister. We will solve this puzzles” He said in the sing sang voice.

“No means no” I tried not to be harsh , my mind was scolding me , I am projecting anger on my friend towards him.

He remained silent for a while but he was looking at puzzle with sad eyes. I looked up and sighed.

“Okay let’s play. But only one time” I said, smile lit up in his face magically.

He opened the puzzle box and spread out the pieces, it is to fit the right pieces and come up with a picture. It seemed pretty simple.

But I was not even looking at the pieces, my mind was in yesterday’s fight.

“I am done” he said and whistled happily.

I looked at mine, I didn’t even start. His answer was perfect . I smiled at him and got up to leave .

He held my hand and said “Sit down. I will tell you how I did” I sat down reluctantly.

“See each of the pieces are unique. They don’t fit with everything, but that is the fault of the piece, it is simply how it is designed. You can’t get frustrated. You should wait for right piece to come along, which will fit perfectly with this. Look for it, and proceed on like that ” he smiled broadly telling his small trick.

I hugged my little brother . I don’t know when he became this much responsible. He never stays at home , not even when I ask for him. He go out and play. But today he knew I was sad, this game is just a way to tell me not to worry. He was right though, may be we can’t fit well with all our friends. May be few were meant to leave us . Harsh , but truth . I stopped blaming myself for the fight and nodded understandingly at my brother.

“Okay then . Now I will go out and play ” he said in childlike voice and went out.

Literature – People

I like to read people

Look around and read with curious eyes

Sometimes people are like open book

Few hide the pain

In poetic way,

Few take any situation

In humor sense,

Few make their point

Crisp like haiku,

Few rhyme well with others,

Few live their life

Interesting as unpredictable story ,

Few engross themselves

In the fantasy world away from others,

Few act  like

They are in  drama stage,

Very few live in reality,

In non fictional way

Going with the flow blissfully,

Few are not my type of literature,

But I am fond of every one around me

Because they kindle the avid reader in me 😀

Everyone tells a story 

Everyone tells a story 

Few are boring as hell
Few make me jump in joy

Few make me bite my nail

Few let me crouch in corner

Few make me wince in pain

But all are unique

It’s an art

As I am crazy listener,

I travel along the story  

And love to carve it delicately in my heart 🙂

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