There you are Green and tall
Waving your leafy hands cheerfully,
Every new leaf gives me hope,
Flowers are your innocent smile,
Sometimes i think you feel for me
When you shed your leaves,
I stay mesmerized when you play
With the birds swinging here and there with wind
Even with few up and down ( shedding and growing)
You stand still with pride in front of me.

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Christmas tree

Hurray!! It’s christmas Time
The lovely christmas tree stood tall with pride
kids were excited to decorate me
Jumping around me
Their little hands trying
to reach my various branch
Putting cute ornaments over me
Tying small gift boxes here and there
hanging the rings in golden threads
Kept the beautiful fairy on the top
Giving shape to every small idea they had
They stood aside admiring
Oh wow ! I look at me happily
“It’s adorable” Shouts the little girl in joy to her sister
I thank them from heart
She dragged her parents and showed them her creativity
I am merrily sat there as a part of their small world of happiness 🙂

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