Restore the mind

Hand pick a habit
Or a belief,
Which is straining
Your soul deep down,
Which is holding you back,
Which is gripping your guts
With a unknown fear,
Take a deep breath,
Challenge it and wipe it off,
Fill the empty space with
Hope and positivity,
Get ready to start the new year afresh!

Past present future #dailyhaikuchallenge

When past seems to hurt,
future seems uncertain, hold
on the present firm!


Hope is like a plant
Fruit of positivity,
Add more good thoughts,
Fertilize it with a dream,
Weed the doubts,
Nourish it with the hard work,
Keep it in the promising surrounding,
Work on it day and night
Till you see it strong and alive.


Oh beautiful butterflies

So colorful and bright

In variety of color and shape

Sometimes I get confused

Looking this and that

Running after one

Then other , then another

My mind flies faster than butterfly

I extend my hand in hope of getting it

Few rest in my fingers

But Before I even admire the moment

It flew away ,

Few always flew out of my reach

Yet here I am reaching out to them

To have the colorful butterflies(dream) with me

For a while or even for a minutes 🙂

A new hope

As a kid I used to get sad a lot , even now I get sad sometime, But this one incident helps me get over it. I try to remember this often. I was silent and moody girl. I used to keep my problem within myself. That day was worst in my life. There was lot of problem in my life. Well I felt like I have no reason to live , was kind of in verge of depression. Just life seemed so empty.

Life felt like lonely journey with just sad footsteps. I was very upset ,started walking aimlessly and all the sad memories were repeatedly going on in my mind and when I reached the road it started to rain. I sighed But found a bus stop and sat in that shade.

There opposite to that bus stop I saw a family , their hut was completely destroyed by the wind. They were trying to save their small possessions and rushed to the bus stop. I have strange tendency of taking other’s sadness as my own , I was looking at them with empathy. But among the family there was a small girl playing in the rain without any sign of sadness.

After the rain stopped they started to build their hut with smiling face . I was rooted to the spot , tears flooded down my face. This family had taught me a lot that day. I realized there were people like them in this world who can manage every challenge of life with happy smiling face and what I was doing all these days. In the dream of having perfect life I was blind about what I already had. Blaming god for every small reason I could find.😦 Even though I don’t have a perfect life, I have a good life easy to live. But I had spend my time in finding the things I don’t have. I didn’t thanked god ever whole heartily for giving me what I have today and I realised life is not as miserable as we make it seem. It’s the way we take things for example, even to make a tea we need tea powder,milk,sugar. we can’t use only sugar as that is our favorite. Likewise even if our life is full of happiness that would be boring 🙂 and more importantly we can enjoy the real happiness only after passing the path of sadness. Life is perfect only with the mixture of happiness and sadness in equal amount. I decided to value the things I have from that day and to accept my sad time too with strong heart and finally that day wasn’t sad at all. It gave me lot of reason to live. My perfect day 🙂 I could feel my smile , after all it is one of the rare occasion that happened to me 🙂 Never belittle your life living in regret, One way or other life has something to provide. I walked home as a new person. with the hope to face my problems 🙂

Merry Christmas

Christmas indicates birth of trust

A belief that savior will come

To make everything okay

To take away all the sorrows

Sometimes wonder do occurs
But sadly only in dreams

God gives the spark of hope to all

It’s upto you to make it work

Don’t complain and wait 

Save yourself , Be your own Savior 🙂

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