Hope is like a plant
Fruit of positivity,
Add more good thoughts,
Fertilize it with a dream,
Weed the doubts,
Nourish it with the hard work,
Keep it in the promising surrounding,
Work on it day and night
Till you see it strong and alive.

Be Positive

Being positive is not
something you feel when
you have everything,
It’s that huge effort
to get back your courage
after a failure,
It’s that tough job
to smile after a crash,
It’s that miraculous start
after you felt the pain,
It’s that maturity
needs to collect yourself from
bits and pieces after merciless fall,
Always be positive
With that you are already
half way towards success.
Practice it, then success is no more a surprise!





Surprise me

Enough of sadness
Enough of longing
Enough of regretting
Enough of disappointments
Enough of extreme expectations
Because i love the peace of mind
So sometimes i just close my eyes
and whisper to future “Surprise me”.

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One step at the time

There might be lot of paths

Confusing or exciting

Look ahead , weigh it

Don’t take a easy path

Just because you will get some company

Even it is be long lonely path

Choose it , if you feel strong

And take one step at a time

Even it can be very small step 🙂




When I am feeling sad,

You make me happy

When I am happy,

You double my smile

When I am alone

You stay with me,

When I am confused,

You give me your wisdom of light,

We discuss in our poetic way,

People say you are not perfect

But for me you are everything,

Though you are always at distance

You watch over me

My life long companion 🙂

Say you can

Let’s say you are school going kid.

Your teacher asks you “Will you take part in speech contest?”

You are bit scared about preparation and facing people, you look around for help before saying “No”

Your friend came for your rescue he takes part in it, you feel grateful. He won the contest. You convince you wouldn’t have got it .

Let’s say you are an employee now. Your manager asks you “Will you be able to complete this project before deadline ? “

You knew you can but takes just one second extra to think , but someone else commits and get that task. You seem relieved. They get good name and appreciation. You convince yourself its good, you wouldn’t have done this .

The worst thing happened here is, you missed the opportunity to prove yourself, not to anyone else, to YOU. You lost even before trying. That will be your biggest regret. Say “You can” before it’s too late ,trust me you will get half of the work finished then itself, when you say it. Don’t die with what if, do it, if not, you will atleast know your limits .

Are you rich in life?

Don’t hesitate. I am not asking about your bank balance or the property value. All this are very small things  which could make you look rich to others.  We are not talking about that. Confused ? Okay let me rephrase my question.  Are you really feeling that you are rich from inside ?

It’s little tough to consolidate that feel. While thinking about it , you would be clueless about how to measure that.  Let me give you few clues for it. Your smile, inner peace, satisfaction  and that immense happiness can be units to measure it.  Many of us smile a lot when we are with other people,  but most of the time it is just for the sake of smiling or to hide the inner emptiness. Forget all this. Count that carefree smile when you are even alone with no specific reason. Feel  that inner peace , satisfaction and happiness. Collect it and value it with true pleasure.  All this treasures might seem very small but have enormous value attached.  It’s priceless when you know its worth. Ask yourself daily, are you rich in life? you might get the answer from yourself to change your life. Be rich and share this and make everyone rich 😀

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