Order something

Life is like a food menu
So many choices to choose from,
either can try favorite dish
which we order every single time,
or can get adventurous
and try a completely new item
which might surprise us,
or look around and order
which someone else is enjoying
You might end up disappointed,
There will be some items
which is not everyone’s favorite,
but it will make your day.
think and decide carefully,
however, it is
few tastes stick to us forever!

Glimpse at my recipes

Vegetable hakka noodles
Paneer Burji
Mattar paneer gravy
Butter paneer masala
Paneer capsicum gravy
Chapati with dry aloo capsicum sabji
Ennai kathirikai
Egg gravy
Kadai paneer
Bread upma
Paneer wrap
Channa masala
Chapati with aloo sabji
Tomato onion dosa
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