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When we always do everything for our kids and parents, have you ever thought about the impact of that on their life? When there is a new technology which they have to learn but finding it difficult initially, Dutifully we come forward and do it ourself, without giving them an opportunity to learn. I don’t deny we are making their life easy. But At the cost of making them dependant on us?  After the first time, they don’t ever try to learn as we are there to do it for them.

This reminds me of an old story I had heard in my childhood. When someone is in suffering, don’t give them money, teach them how to earn money. Clearly, the former one just solves the temporary problem but the latter one solves their future problem also.

Keeping this in mind, next time teach them how to do the work, how to make it work. Be there, support them and supervise them when they try, But don’t do it yourself. Make them independent and eager to learn new things in their life. This is the correct way of helping them and motivating them to experience the thrill of doing things on their own.

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Conditioned living

Are we conditioned by society or surrounding to live in a certain way? We buy things shown and pushed to us through advertisement. We are happy with the things we get in our nearby shops, whichever the shopkeeper is keen to sell with offers. We are choosing the dress and fashion from people around us in the fear of standing out otherwise. We are studying the degree which promises more career opportunity in the greed of running ahead of the race. We are reacting or speaking in a certain way the people around us are comfortable with. Are we even living the free will?

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Sports day

Today is sports day in our school. It is my first year in here as teacher.

Small kids were so excited about it. Childhood is very blissful time. They have worn their house colour and ready to play. For now, it is only the game. They have lot more to handle after they grew up. I sighed. All parents and audience were there to cheer them up.

Race started. First one is filling the bottle in one end with water from other end.

All kids lined up. After the whistle is blown, they took water in their small hand and started towards their destination except one girl.

She remained there taking water again and again , not happy with the leaking . She did not aware others have left. She just stood there trying to hold on as much water as possible. I was curious.

I went to her side and asked “Riya what happened ? ”

She looked up at me and spoke in her innocent voice ” I want to take more water in one time itself, then I will win.”

I smiled at her and replied “Riya you should take only that much your hand can hold. Otherwise you will spill all water . Now come on, take some amount and start. With few try, you will eventually fill the bottle.”

She thought for a minute then seem to understand my point, she put her hand in the tub and took little amount of water and started towards the other end.” She hurried after that and came in top position.

I wondered I was able to explain her this simple thing, but we actually should remember this for all situations in life. Take only that much you can handle in life , whether it’s work or money or responsibility. Don’t try to get everything in one go.


Life is about finding a balance
Between tears and smile,
Between emptiness and satisfaction,
Between sadness and happiness,
Between hopelessness and hope,
Between misery and joy,
Between confusion and clarity,
You will be on either side of extreme
at some point in time
Feel it, but donโ€™t be discouraged
with situations,
Move on until you find the perfect balance!


It’s Okay

It’s okay Even when no one stay by your side
It’s okay Even when you have to fight alone
It’s okay Even when every breath seems hard
It’s okay Even when the surrounding is pitch dark

It’s okay Even when things are pretty tough
It’s okay Evenย  when you have to go through huge struggle
Just have trust, you will find a way
Everything will fall in place
If not, jiggle up a bit and try again ๐Ÿ™‚


Life – A Blog

Living is like blogging
Few posts(days) are happy
Few posts are sad
Few posts are revolutionary
Few posts are scary
Few posts are motivational
Few posts are funny
Few posts are poetic
Few posts are just random
write something, anything
Readers may ‘like’ some
‘Follow’ you in your progress
Readers may criticize you
Challenge you
Take it positive
Do not let that stop you
Write for you , if possible for few more
Write until you are happy,
Seeing your progress from past to present
Be your first reader,
Write in your own style
Fall in love with your writing(living)
Every single day, Every single moment ๐Ÿ™‚


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