Hope is like a plant
Fruit of positivity,
Add more good thoughts,
Fertilize it with a dream,
Weed the doubts,
Nourish it with the hard work,
Keep it in the promising surrounding,
Work on it day and night
Till you see it strong and alive.

Love what you do

Do you love your job? Okay, you don’t have to answer immediately. Close your eyes imagine doing your job every day till you die and also your state of mind while doing that. Did you find your answer?
Let’s assume most of us, don’t like our job. But it’s only 10% due to the job itself but 90% due to our mindset about it.
Our ancestors who were working on the farm all day in the hot sun, were happier than us sitting in a comfortable chair. In our life, most of the time we are at work, doesn’t it make it necessary to love our work to be happy?
Let’s have a fresh start, forget what you feel about your job till now. Just one day, try to think that you love your job and enjoy doing it. Then see the difference.
Even after that, you didn’t like your job, its time to hunt for a new job which makes you happy.

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Some are addicted to fame,
Some are addicted to hard work,
Some are addicted to love,
Some are addicted to recognition,
Some are addicted to arts,
Some are addicted to hobbies,
Some are addicted to job,
Even when it help to enhance our life
Can the addiction be bad?

Look around, get inspired

I read a book ‘simply fly’ about the air Deccan founder caption Gopinath. I was so inspired and mesmerized by the hurdles he has faced in life, yet we had succeeded in fulfilling his dream. This arises a question in my mind. We usually look at the person he has succeeded and get inspired. But he had succeeded because he had put on so many efforts and worked hard. Can we for a change look around the people in our life, who is working hard to achieve something and get inspired? We will also help them achieve it soon with this small gesture. Be inspired and also be a push factor for them. Instead of looking back at their life after success, be with them and make it worth a journey for them.

My new experiment

Recently I have started to try my hands on cooking , it was unbelievably wonderful. I was literally jumping up and down like a kid done a successful experiment 😂Look at the pictures and say what do you think 🤔

Does success make you bored

“Sree why don’t you slow down ?” Her mom panicked.

“ I don’t want to. I want to swing high ,reach that highest branch “ she replied enthusiastically.

She was concentrating hard and swinging fast, she eventually reached that branch, she smiled in happiness for a second and stopped the swing and hopped down.

She said “ Mom I am bored, going out. Enough of swinging ”

Her mom asked “Why? What happened?”

Sree made a face and replied ” I have reached that goal . Now no thrill in it ”

Her mom sighed , took her hand and said “ Success is not only this one second , it’s effort of all those failures.Cherish the success and also hard work behind it Sree. Feel that hard-earned moment. You won’t be bored.”

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