I am hurt

“I am hurt”

We hear this statement. May be others might have said this and we would have provided them consolations. But how many of you ever acknowledged your own heart whispers this ?

When we are hurt , we either try to distract ourself with some other activity and avoid thinking about it, we simply lock up the feelings. But Does that reduce the hurt or help it in any way ?

Face the feelings, find the root cause of it and solve it. That’s one and only way to reduce your hurt. Don’t act like strong, If you are hurt , accept it, acknowledge it. It is nothing to be feel guilty about, everyone is hurt now and then.

Main thing is finding out why were we hurt. It is always Because of only one person in this world. Come on , Guess!

You are hurt because of you alone!  No one else.

Don’t you agree ? But Let me tell you few example.

You like someone, you give all your attention, care them endlessly and mistakenly except the same from them and get hurt when it is not given. Why would they do that ? For them to give you attention or to care for you , they should also like you and value you.

Now whose problem is this ?

They did not ask you to show that care or affection or attention, they are happy to be left alone, now if you let them take you for granted, let them play with your feelings, you will obviously get hurt. You indirectly hurted yourself. I am not saying stay alone in some island, Keep people around you. Show your feelings. If you get the hint that they does not care , Accept it , because you can’t force someone to be with you. By doing it, you may be irritating them or belitting your feelings for them.

People can say anything or do anything. It is definitely not in our hand to stop them or to make them understand, But one thing is surely in our hand, to keep ourself safe from all this sufferings. Now Do onething, keep your guard high, Don’t let anyone who don’t know the value of you , waste even single second of your life. I repeat not even SINGLE SECOND.




Word Castle

Let’s build a word castle

Grab words from your imagination,

Unscramble your thoughts,

Build it word by word,

Bind it with emotions,

Paint it with feelings,

Lock the negativity out,

Keep the door open for positivity,

Make it monument of your memories 🙂

word castle



Cast my Spell

I will make you spellbound
I don’t want wand or magic
I will bewitch you by words
Hypnotise you with feelings
Mesmerize with rhymes
Enchant you with its meaning
Fasinate you with the truth behind it
Let the writer inside me
Cast my spell
Innocent yet breathtaking spell 🙂


Unsaid love

Here’s one imaginery Story :

She gave her wedding invite to him.

He could see how happy she was, he just smiled at her hiding his hurt.

“When are you getting married ? “ She Asked.

“Don’t know..” He sighed.

“ I guess your’s will be love marriage. Your poem has loads of feelings. I wish I knew for whom that is intended for. Lucky girl ah “ She teased him.

“I wish I could say the same . But no one like that . It is just imaginery” He said with heavy voice.

She was his muse, but alas she did not know that. Inside his heart he was crying , scolding himself , He should have told her his feelings that time itself. Everytime he wrote a poem for her , he wanted to propose her , then miserably failed . That silence seems too loud now , But it’s too late.

“I am happy for you. Your husband is lucky. Congrats” He replied trying hard to keep his composure. 

Like this few love stories fails in heart itself even before it starts.

Everyone tells a story 

Everyone tells a story 

Few are boring as hell
Few make me jump in joy

Few make me bite my nail

Few let me crouch in corner

Few make me wince in pain

But all are unique

It’s an art

As I am crazy listener,

I travel along the story  

And love to carve it delicately in my heart 🙂

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