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Whats your opinion

Is your opinion really yours or is it formed by hearing someone’s? Be it your friend, family or any stranger in the society?

You hear your friend saying there is good restaurant opened in the town and it is awesome. After hearing all those exciting reviews, you take happy bites, assuming it to be good. It might not be good, but you pretend that as per your friend’s review. You take up the task of passing on same reviews to others. It goes on and on. It’s true for negative case also. Even though we like something, most of the time we agree to others when they say it’s not good. Even when you have to stand for your point alone, stick to it. You don’t have to pretend to be with others. Of course, listen to others, but when forming an opinion, forget the things you heard. Think about only what you feel about it. Stand Alone, But Stand for your point.


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Happy Republic day

My first ever vlogging for this republic day on the topic patriotism 😊


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Conditioned living

Are we conditioned by society or surrounding to live in a certain way? We buy things shown and pushed to us through advertisement. We are happy with the things we get in our nearby shops, whichever the shopkeeper is keen to sell with offers. We are choosing the dress and fashion from people around us in the fear of standing out otherwise. We are studying the degree which promises more career opportunity in the greed of running ahead of the race. We are reacting or speaking in a certain way the people around us are comfortable with. Are we even living the free will?

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Small advise to the so called Society

The society we live in are habitual to ask questions. Right from the sky to ocean, anything comes in their mind they ask without putting any filter, and the unique thing is they don’t realize how that questions are eating someone’s mind day and night after that.

“What is your grades?”

“Why don’t you take that course?”

“When will you marry?”

“How many kids you have?”

“Don’t you have a son?”

“Oh are your kids in abroad, leaving you all alone !”

Being a responsible citizen of society,

Let’s leave all this nonsense of asking uncomfortable questions, for which we won’t even remember their answer, busy with forming the other questions to shoot. Don’t ask formality questions, which will end up taking someone’s peaceful sleep.


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Puppet show


Our life seems like a puppet show!

We are performing on stage

But always controlled by strings,

Although invisible it is hard to break

Society, religion, caste, social status

When you go with its flow,

It’s like support to you.

When you try to go against it,

There starts the struggle,

The more you try, the more

You get hurt,

Understand its impact,

Find the base of it in your life

Break out of it, before it’s too late to try!


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