Small advise to the so called Society

The society we live in are habitual to ask questions. Right from the sky to ocean, anything comes in their mind they ask without putting any filter, and the unique thing is they don’t realize how that questions are eating someone’s mind day and night after that.

“What is your grades?”

“Why don’t you take that course?”

“When will you marry?”

“How many kids you have?”

“Don’t you have a son?”

“Oh are your kids in abroad, leaving you all alone !”

Being a responsible citizen of society,

Let’s leave all this nonsense of asking uncomfortable questions, for which we won’t even remember their answer, busy with forming the other questions to shoot. Don’t ask formality questions, which will end up taking someone’s peaceful sleep.


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4 responses to “Small advise to the so called Society

  1. This is so true of so many people!

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  2. I found your article so relatable. I’d be delighted if you check out mine on a similar topic-

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