Compassion is a choice.

Being compassionate is not easy always. Compassion is a conscious choice you make every second in your life. When you are doing good in life and you are not facing any problem yourself, then there’s more option that you can be compassionate.
when we are already struggling with problem, all our energy will be spend in overcoming that. Do you think you will have time to show empathy and be compassionate?
But wouldn’t you be happy when someone show us compassion when we are suffering? Everyone can have this expectation, can we put small effort to bring relief to someone? I agree we may not solve their problem, but we can understand their problem and give them listening ears. Its actually win-win for both. You will get compassion from them in turn. No need to wait for someone outside to lift you up, we can hold hands of fellow person going through same situation and rise together.

Happy Republic day

My first ever vlogging for this republic day on the topic patriotism 😊


I clenched my teeth and tightened the grip on the television remote until my hands became numb. “What happened Raj? Is everything alright?“ My wife’s voice seemed distant at this moment. I was so angry to answer. She came near me and tapped my shoulder to get my attention.

I pointed at the television and shouted at the top of the voice “Are they even humans? Due to a few people like this, we are doubting the humanity nowadays. Even animals are more compassionate than us”

She looked at the television and said with a deep sigh “This is today’s reality. you can’t change everyone out there. The only thing you can do at this moment is to try something to get it out of your mind “
“What can I do? ” I asked a simple yet complicated question.
She tapped at my forehead and said with a smile “You have to find it out if that is bothering you so much”.
I smiled back at her and replied “You surprised me today. I was expecting regular dialogue like this ” I playfully mimicked her voice ‘You shouldn’t go out at such times. Corona cases are getting crazily increasing day by day’

She tried to maintain the composure in her voice and said “I know. But someone has to do that. This is unavoidable”

I turned her around looking straight at her eyes and asked “Are you sure? Won’t you be sad if anything happens to me ?“

She looked tensed for a moment then gained her composure and smiled at me and said jokingly  “You know, I am kind of bored looking at your face 24*7 and want some peace in the house without the television’s sound”.
She added with more confidence ” Don’t worry you will be fine, nothing will happen to you”
I thought for a while and started saying “I think I should get some…”
As if reading my mind she hurried towards the kitchen to pack foods before I said it aloud.

I got ready properly for going out, it’s been months since I had done that. I had worn my favourite dress, belt and put on my deodorant.

I went to the kitchen to check on the things. She has put on her invisible chef’s hat and made everything ready as I would expect. Her care always moves my heart.

Getting used to the new normal I put on the mask, packed my sanitizer and also got the things she had packed. My car was dusty for being kept in the garage for a long time. After some struggle, the car started. I clutched the steering wheel tight, the deserted road was adding more fear of corona. No one was on the sight. I was driving mindlessly and the music was adding rhythm to my thoughts.
There were only a few checkpoints on my way. I moved on easily after showing my e-pass. Suddenly I saw a group of monkeys fighting over the food spilt near the garbage bin and stopped the car at a distance.
I got down, opened my food boxes and kept them at the side of the road. Monkeys were staring at me. I expected the monkeys to move close to me, But ages of aggression have taught them well. I sighed and started driving slowly and looking at the rear mirror. Monkeys were sniffing the food and started eating hurriedly. I wondered how long they had been hungry. I looked at the remaining food packets and drove on to other roads in the hope of finding more monkeys. This place used to be a tourist spot, monkeys had no issue with the food then. But now the time is very unpredictable, not sure of the future, at least as long as I can, I will do this daily from now on. My mind was remembering the disturbing news I had heard today, where one person was hitting the monkey for eating his spilt over food and killed it by hanging in the nearby tree.
It’s true, In our busy lives even we don’t have time to think of the fellow human beings. But someone should think of these animals and be compassionate, even if we can’t help, we shouldn’t harm them.
That’s a true way of giving back to society and the proof that we have our 6th sense.

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Truth behind story

Sharing joy

Now it’s Story Time.  Let me drive you along this imaginary story.

We went to the toy store. Today is his birthday. He’s 5 years now. Time flew by. He’s growing fast, And I was also growing with him as his mother. Siv was surprised, I chose the gift for him always. This time I thought I will let him decide his gift on his own. He was busy looking around. His little eyes jumping here and there , looking curiously.

“What do you want Siv?” I asked him.

He was thinking something seriously , but little innocent smile was playing in his face.

He chosed a familar toy and said “I will take this”.

I was confused , said “Siv you have this right ? It is your last birthday present. Don’t you remember that ?”

“Yes I know. But I want this” He said firmly.

“But you can chose someother toy right. Why this ?” He said.

“Mummy, It’s my birthday. I get to chose gift right you told me in morning ?” He replied innocently.

I sighed and replied “If that’s your wish then ok”

We took it and went to bill counter , After long queue we paid and left.

While we were coming out, One of the kid with torned dress were watching the store curiously , Pointing something to his dad. I was looking at the kid ,He’s more or less
Siv’s age. But his dad eyes were painful, He was promising the kid he will get him a toy soon. I felt siv pulling my hand.

“Lets go ” He told him.

But He said “Mummy Can we go and talk to that uncle?”

I was surprised, But did not say anything. I went near them and told him about it.

He told his son to play nearby and came with us.

He was also surprised. We both looked at Siv.

He stood in his full height and said ” Uncle Today is my birthday. I want to give this toy to him. I know he will be
happy.” Then he turned towards me and said ” Is that okay Mummy ?”

I was more happy hearing this. I nodded. Kid’s dad said ” Okay I will call him you give it to him.”

Siv declined that smiling and said “you give it to him uncle. He will be more happy”

He took the toy, thanked us and went.

I kneeled down and said “Why did you suddenly gave that toy to him?”

“Mummy ,Sharing is caring, you remember you only taught me right ? I saw him asking that toy while we were entering.  So I chose that, Now I shared my happiness with him , we both are happy. This is my best birthday ever. Thank you mummy” He told innocently and hugged me.

That day I was also very happy, Sometimes our kids teach us more than we expect from them. He is really growing up now 🙂



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