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Make me jump like kid,
Bring tears in my eyes, Still I
Hold you tight – Memories

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Some are addicted to fame,
Some are addicted to hard work,
Some are addicted to love,
Some are addicted to recognition,
Some are addicted to arts,
Some are addicted to hobbies,
Some are addicted to job,
Even when it help to enhance our life
Can the addiction be bad?

Wishlist 2019

What do you want to do in 2019 ?

Did you decide on your “new year resolution” yet ? I would call it “wish list”. Resolution sounds too strict like a rule to follow, but wish list from the name itself make us happy and do.Let’s search something quick from your wish list, which you think have first priority in the list.

Here goes mine “I want to smile more and be peaceful and to pass on that smile to as many as possible. ”

Leave your comments here. Fingers crossed. Who knows an angel might wave its wand in the same time 😉

Twisted End story

I took the knife and laughing like mad  shouted “Atlast This day has arrived. Today I will finish this Off ”

My friends  gave me evil smile and shouted back “Not Alone Though”

I laughed with them and  tighten my hold on knife and approached slowly .

Everyone Applauded and shouted “Happy Birthday”.

I mercilessly chopped the poor cake 😀



Christmas tree

Hurray!! It’s christmas Time
The lovely christmas tree stood tall with pride
kids were excited to decorate me
Jumping around me
Their little hands trying
to reach my various branch
Putting cute ornaments over me
Tying small gift boxes here and there
hanging the rings in golden threads
Kept the beautiful fairy on the top
Giving shape to every small idea they had
They stood aside admiring
Oh wow ! I look at me happily
“It’s adorable” Shouts the little girl in joy to her sister
I thank them from heart
She dragged her parents and showed them her creativity
I am merrily sat there as a part of their small world of happiness 🙂

Sharing joy

Now it’s Story Time.  Let me drive you along this imaginary story.

We went to the toy store. Today is his birthday. He’s 5 years now. Time flew by. He’s growing fast, And I was also growing with him as his mother. Siv was surprised, I chose the gift for him always. This time I thought I will let him decide his gift on his own. He was busy looking around. His little eyes jumping here and there , looking curiously.

“What do you want Siv?” I asked him.

He was thinking something seriously , but little innocent smile was playing in his face.

He chosed a familar toy and said “I will take this”.

I was confused , said “Siv you have this right ? It is your last birthday present. Don’t you remember that ?”

“Yes I know. But I want this” He said firmly.

“But you can chose someother toy right. Why this ?” He said.

“Mummy, It’s my birthday. I get to chose gift right you told me in morning ?” He replied innocently.

I sighed and replied “If that’s your wish then ok”

We took it and went to bill counter , After long queue we paid and left.

While we were coming out, One of the kid with torned dress were watching the store curiously , Pointing something to his dad. I was looking at the kid ,He’s more or less
Siv’s age. But his dad eyes were painful, He was promising the kid he will get him a toy soon. I felt siv pulling my hand.

“Lets go ” He told him.

But He said “Mummy Can we go and talk to that uncle?”

I was surprised, But did not say anything. I went near them and told him about it.

He told his son to play nearby and came with us.

He was also surprised. We both looked at Siv.

He stood in his full height and said ” Uncle Today is my birthday. I want to give this toy to him. I know he will be
happy.” Then he turned towards me and said ” Is that okay Mummy ?”

I was more happy hearing this. I nodded. Kid’s dad said ” Okay I will call him you give it to him.”

Siv declined that smiling and said “you give it to him uncle. He will be more happy”

He took the toy, thanked us and went.

I kneeled down and said “Why did you suddenly gave that toy to him?”

“Mummy ,Sharing is caring, you remember you only taught me right ? I saw him asking that toy while we were entering.  So I chose that, Now I shared my happiness with him , we both are happy. This is my best birthday ever. Thank you mummy” He told innocently and hugged me.

That day I was also very happy, Sometimes our kids teach us more than we expect from them. He is really growing up now 🙂



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