Compassion is a choice.

Being compassionate is not easy always. Compassion is a conscious choice you make every second in your life. When you are doing good in life and you are not facing any problem yourself, then there’s more option that you can be compassionate.
when we are already struggling with problem, all our energy will be spend in overcoming that. Do you think you will have time to show empathy and be compassionate?
But wouldn’t you be happy when someone show us compassion when we are suffering? Everyone can have this expectation, can we put small effort to bring relief to someone? I agree we may not solve their problem, but we can understand their problem and give them listening ears. Its actually win-win for both. You will get compassion from them in turn. No need to wait for someone outside to lift you up, we can hold hands of fellow person going through same situation and rise together.

Plant your love

Being in relationship is like gardening,

First You plant a small seed of love with anticipation,

protect it from rain and storm,

nurture it with more affection,

water it with intense care,

Eventually you also grow to be a better person,

Finally you admire the slow remarkable transformation happened !

N̶o̶t̶ ̶a̶ Love Marriage

Sakthi was little upset. From the night she was expecting her husband to say that. But he was very busy today, got ready early and went to work even before she woke up. There was a note at table saying “Sorry will be late today”. Her face fell reading that.

She sighed. It was their first valentine day after marriage. She wanted it to be flimy. Then She consoled herself saying after all it was life not any cinema story.  She got ready and reached office. At reception, She found a parcel with her name. She was little surprised. She took it and opened with curiosity. There was a small key chain in heart shape with a note ‘ Let’s the surprise begin’. She smiled seeing that.

She almost reached her phone to call his husband , but decided to wait and see all those surprise before calling. From there started her gifts arrival. Every one hour she got a lovely gift. Chocolates, greetings,small toys . She couldn’t stop herself from beaming.

At last , she couldn’t wait any longer, took the phone to call her husband , She got the call from him at the same time. She took the call and wanted to ask him out for dinner.

But before she spoke , he said ,  “Come down sakthi. Let’s go for dinner” . She was happy with their wavelength. She hurried down.

She wanted to say a lot. But didn’t know where to start. She kept on pondering the thoughts until they reach the restaurant.

When they went inside , She saw her final surprise, candle light dinner, that was something she always wanted to have with her love. She could not hold her tears, She remembered all these days she was sad thinking it’s just arrange marriage , not love marriage and it will not be exciting.  She took a minute to compose herself.

She cleared her throat and said blushingly “I love you Shree” , He looked up at her and smiled.

“At last hearing this from you.” He said with affection.

She laughed and said “I didn’t even hear that yet from you ”

He cleared his throat nervously and said ” you know already right ? I love you forever”. She smiled wholeheartedly.

Being silent people , they rarely expressed their feelings.they completed the dinner in silence and got up to leave.

Sakthi took his hand for first time by herself, That was first public gesture of love she had shown. He held her hand tight , silently saying , they have long way to go in their life together. She was very happy, knowing some dreams do come true at unexpected time.


A child , who is no more a child

“Will you eat this ? I remember your mom telling you are not fond of it “ Asked her aunt serving food.

She stared at the food and tears came down at the mention of her mother.

“It’s okay , I will eat “ She replied in the meek voice.

She remembered those days when she used to shout at her mother saying she won’t take take a bite of it. With heavy heart, she finished her food silently.

“Anita you have became so silent and good girl “ Exclaimed her aunt who is aware of her tantrums.

She thought I wish I was like this before ,my mom would have been happy then. She felt like she had a transformation , when she first heard about her mother’s death. Few people take away a part of you with them when they go. She’s no more a playful rebellious child , she had grown up from that day.

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