I die

When I let others take me for granted

I die,

When I don’t raise my voice in fear

I die,

When I became too fragile to break at one point

I die,

When I hide my wish in name of sacrifice

I die,

When I let other’s dream replace mine

I die,

When I don’t show I am hurt until very depressed

I die,

When I am convinced pain is life

I die,

When I hide my pain beside smile

I die,

I die not by him or her or them,

I die slowly day by day by myself,

Yes , I am committing suicide by doing all this!



Self Inflicted Pain

You’d never believe me if I tell you that whatever worries you have is created by you. You are confused ah ? Let’s say there is a small strain in your new dress , You see that
and worried that its big thing and keeps on thinking about it. But as you are getting late, you decided to go with it. Now you assume your day is spoiled because of that, You cautiously keep on looking at it all day and suppose if one of your friends,asked about it casually. That’s it ! you scold yourself in mind for not changing the dress before itself when you saw that, your friend might have forgotten about it even before asking,But It added fuel to your worries, You keep on hiding it and became successful in making that molehill to mountain of stress. Finally you reach home and get rid of that dress.
When you think about the day, All you remember is that innocent strain,which made your day spoiled . But come on , Think once again, Is that strain spoiled your day or you yourself did ?
You could have ignored it and when your friends found that , You would have taken it light, So key thing you yourself thought that’s big thing, so it eventually turned so. Like this strain,we see many small problems in our life with magnifying glass, unknowingly we are living in the self-inflicted painful environment, thinking it as fate. Are we going to change or again going to put all blame in fate and will wait for it to change till we die !!!

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Unerasable scar

Few scars are not visible 

But kills you from inside 

Pain is unbearable

Mere words can’t explain it

It just empty your happiness

Wipe off every trace of smile

However bad it is

Soothe the wound
Let it heal

Let the scar fade away 

Be kind to yourself , promise yourself 

Not to remember the pain and relive it

If something did not happen

It had no chance either way

Accept the fact , Let it go

Don’t pull the failures of past 

And hurt yourself more and more 🙂

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