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Make me jump like kid,
Bring tears in my eyes, Still I
Hold you tight – Memories

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Middle class problems

“Raju what are you looking at ?” His mom’s voice floated out from the hall.

“Mom, quick Come here. I want to show you something.” He yelled happily.

His mom came out in confusion “What Raju ? Why are you yelling like this ?”

He ran and dragged his mom to the puppy standing in the road.

“Isn’t that cute mom? Shall We keep it? ” He asked, his voice shaking with excitement.

She smiled at him and said in low voice “It is cute, but… ”

He asked anxiously “But what? ”

She looked at him painfully and said ” But we can’t keep it Raju”

“Why mom? I will do everything you say. I will even finish my food quick. I will do my homework without fail. Please please allow me to keep it” He pleaded.

She smiled at his innocence and continued “That’s so sweet of you to do everything but we can’t keep it”. He began to think how to convince his mom to take that puppy.

“What’s going on? ” Came a harsh voice.

They both looked at that side. Her house’s owner was standing there glowering at them.

He got scared and hid behind his mom, she put a protective hand behind him and answered her in uneasy voice “Nothing big. We are just talking.”

She flashed a fake smile at Raju and asked “What were you telling Raju? ”

“Aunty, I was asking mom if I can keep that small puppy,” he said in a hopeful voice.

Her face got even more red on hearing that and she yelled at his mom “Didn’t I tell you while giving you home, No pets are allowed? ”

Her mom closed her eyes and replied gritting her teeth ” That’s what I was telling him. I ..”

She didn’t let her finish and continued in same harsh tone ” Better you make him understand” and left.

He saw his mom standing there with a painful look on her face but didnt understand the problem and asked slowly “We live here, Isn’t this our home mom? Can’t we keep it here”

“No Beta. We get to only stay here, not live freely here. I am so sorry We can’t have it at home. ” She finished in a deep voice. But being a kid he was still clueless.

His mom dragged him home, Raju turned around and looked at puppy until it disappeared from his sight, it was also looking intently as if questioning him,but he merely shrugged his shoulder expressing his helplessness. Sometimes being in middle class you have to save your dreams and likes also, for future, along with money!!

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Find the right one

“Sanju , go and play outside. I am busy with something.” I stared blankly at the book and lied.

“Come here my dear sweet sister. We will solve this puzzles” He said in the sing sang voice.

“No means no” I tried not to be harsh , my mind was scolding me , I am projecting anger on my friend towards him.

He remained silent for a while but he was looking at puzzle with sad eyes. I looked up and sighed.

“Okay let’s play. But only one time” I said, smile lit up in his face magically.

He opened the puzzle box and spread out the pieces, it is to fit the right pieces and come up with a picture. It seemed pretty simple.

But I was not even looking at the pieces, my mind was in yesterday’s fight.

“I am done” he said and whistled happily.

I looked at mine, I didn’t even start. His answer was perfect . I smiled at him and got up to leave .

He held my hand and said “Sit down. I will tell you how I did” I sat down reluctantly.

“See each of the pieces are unique. They don’t fit with everything, but that is the fault of the piece, it is simply how it is designed. You can’t get frustrated. You should wait for right piece to come along, which will fit perfectly with this. Look for it, and proceed on like that ” he smiled broadly telling his small trick.

I hugged my little brother . I don’t know when he became this much responsible. He never stays at home , not even when I ask for him. He go out and play. But today he knew I was sad, this game is just a way to tell me not to worry. He was right though, may be we can’t fit well with all our friends. May be few were meant to leave us . Harsh , but truth . I stopped blaming myself for the fight and nodded understandingly at my brother.

“Okay then . Now I will go out and play ” he said in childlike voice and went out.

குழந்தையின் சிரிப்பு – Baby’s laugh

கேட்க கேட்க திகட்டாத

 மழலையின் அழகிய கவிதை -சிரிப்பு


One beautiful poem

Which you never get bored of ! – Baby’s Laugh

New things

My little girl was writing something seriously. I stood at the doorway to admire her. She was holding her pencil tight in her hand and stooped over the note before her. Her brows furrowed in concentration. She was practising handwriting dutifully. I came near her and tapped her shoulder to get her attention.
“See what mummy has got for you!” I said searching for something in my handbag.
She looked up at me with curious eyes and asked: “What is it, Mummy?”
I grabbed a new fancy pen and gave it to her.
“Oh, Pen. Why didn’t you buy a pencil Mummy” She sounded confused.
“Now My baby will write in pen from next year. you can practise with it first” I said cheerfully.
“But Mummy… ” Her voice trailed off.
I Sat down before her and put my hands on her shoulder and asked: “But What ?”
She seemed to brainstorm her brain to get the points and said finally “I am comfortable using my pencil. I am using it for a long time. I don’t know how I will like that pen. So I want a pencil Mummy.”
I smiled at her “Listen Jisha. We can have things which are comfortable with us. Even we can stay in the comfortable safe place. But that should not stop us from trying new things. Maybe that new thing will become your new favourite or you might be more comfortable with that. Come on try it” I gestured towards the pen.
She took it to try, But this time happily. I Believe, she will remember this point, not only for a pen, for new things in her life too 🙂

Chocolate story 

Let me explain the difference between the  shame,sorry and regret with the help of a  chocolate story. 

My mom used to buy us chocolates when we were kids.

Mom said “ Wait for your sister to come then you both can eat “

Jumping up and down in excitement , I nodded half heartily. Then mom got busy with her work. Then the debate between my consciousness and stomach started. As always stomach won, I promised my consciousness that I would eat only one chocolate from it, but that one turned to many , until I was staring at the empty wrapper.

Consciousness shouted “ Shame on you , you couldn’t even save the poor chocolates for sometime “

I said in the meek voice to my sister “ I am sorry that I couldn’t wait for you”.

My taste buds were cruelly reminding me the taste of the chocolate , I thought with regret “ I should have saved some for later “

Alas! What’s done is done, I sighed looking at the empty wrapper 🙂

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Sharing joy

Now it’s Story Time.  Let me drive you along this imaginary story.

We went to the toy store. Today is his birthday. He’s 5 years now. Time flew by. He’s growing fast, And I was also growing with him as his mother. Siv was surprised, I chose the gift for him always. This time I thought I will let him decide his gift on his own. He was busy looking around. His little eyes jumping here and there , looking curiously.

“What do you want Siv?” I asked him.

He was thinking something seriously , but little innocent smile was playing in his face.

He chosed a familar toy and said “I will take this”.

I was confused , said “Siv you have this right ? It is your last birthday present. Don’t you remember that ?”

“Yes I know. But I want this” He said firmly.

“But you can chose someother toy right. Why this ?” He said.

“Mummy, It’s my birthday. I get to chose gift right you told me in morning ?” He replied innocently.

I sighed and replied “If that’s your wish then ok”

We took it and went to bill counter , After long queue we paid and left.

While we were coming out, One of the kid with torned dress were watching the store curiously , Pointing something to his dad. I was looking at the kid ,He’s more or less
Siv’s age. But his dad eyes were painful, He was promising the kid he will get him a toy soon. I felt siv pulling my hand.

“Lets go ” He told him.

But He said “Mummy Can we go and talk to that uncle?”

I was surprised, But did not say anything. I went near them and told him about it.

He told his son to play nearby and came with us.

He was also surprised. We both looked at Siv.

He stood in his full height and said ” Uncle Today is my birthday. I want to give this toy to him. I know he will be
happy.” Then he turned towards me and said ” Is that okay Mummy ?”

I was more happy hearing this. I nodded. Kid’s dad said ” Okay I will call him you give it to him.”

Siv declined that smiling and said “you give it to him uncle. He will be more happy”

He took the toy, thanked us and went.

I kneeled down and said “Why did you suddenly gave that toy to him?”

“Mummy ,Sharing is caring, you remember you only taught me right ? I saw him asking that toy while we were entering.  So I chose that, Now I shared my happiness with him , we both are happy. This is my best birthday ever. Thank you mummy” He told innocently and hugged me.

That day I was also very happy, Sometimes our kids teach us more than we expect from them. He is really growing up now 🙂



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