Compassion is a choice.

Being compassionate is not easy always. Compassion is a conscious choice you make every second in your life. When you are doing good in life and you are not facing any problem yourself, then there’s more option that you can be compassionate.
when we are already struggling with problem, all our energy will be spend in overcoming that. Do you think you will have time to show empathy and be compassionate?
But wouldn’t you be happy when someone show us compassion when we are suffering? Everyone can have this expectation, can we put small effort to bring relief to someone? I agree we may not solve their problem, but we can understand their problem and give them listening ears. Its actually win-win for both. You will get compassion from them in turn. No need to wait for someone outside to lift you up, we can hold hands of fellow person going through same situation and rise together.

Are we depend on external sources to be happy ?

Let me ask you one simple question ,

“Are you happy?”

Really simple isn’t it ?  You might answer yes or no.

Let me ask you bit tricky question “why?”

99% of people will point to someone or something for their reason of happiness or unhappiness. But surprisingly, It is often same thing. Which make you happy now , will eventually make you unhappy also.

Let’s say,  A child is happily playing,  you go and gift it a car. It makes the child so happy, It began to play with it. Later the same car got break down and the child cries for it and became sad. Doesn’t that irrelevant ? Child was happy before the car came into picture , But the child like many of us, related the happiness with the car, when it got broken. It got the illusion that all the happiness is gone . It began to blame for the time spend in playing or even getting that car in the first place. But that is simple car, If the child don’t relate that to the internal happiness, It’s existence or non-existence does not matter.

Take another example, A guy is happily living on his sufficient salary. One day he got the lottery ticket in the hope of becoming millionaire. Now Even the thought of getting it, makes him so happy. He foolishly related his every bit of happiness with winning the ticket. Later in the result day , he went to check with huge expectation. But unfortunately he did not get the prize. Now he gets so sad, his job seems petty one now.

Accept it , Being happy or not is in our hand. There is no external source which will make you unhappy , when you want to be happy. Don’t relate anyone or anything to your happiness, their presence in your life temporary or even permanent does not have any impact on your happiness.



            Everything that happens to you is result of your perception. The way you perceive things is different  from others. That’s why when same thing happens to two persons, one see that as a hurdle, while other  see that as an opportunity. 

           When you see that as a hurdle, your mind make it more difficult than it actually is. But the moment you see that as opportunity , your mind works on it to utilize it fully. That’s how few succeed but few fail miserably.

            However hard your life is, change your perception, Let’s say , you perceive someone as very important part of your life, you just cling to them emotionally and be dependent on them every single minute but unfortunately they leave you alone, you thinks that world has come to an end. You cry, struggle to get them back in your life. Now think again,  who’s fault is this? That person who left you ? Or your perception about their position in your  life ?

           Let’s say, you had plan to go to office early , but you missed the alarm and slept for some more time. Suddenly  you woke up with sigh . You perceive this as big mistake of your’s. You scold yourself for being irresponsible and got irritated. Now you end up having irritating day. But imagine if  you  just change your perception and think, now you got nice sleep you will be fresh the whole day and end up finishing all the task actively .Same will became reality. So the choice is in your hand. Change the perception and see the wonder it brings.


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