Love what you do

Do you love your job? Okay, you don’t have to answer immediately. Close your eyes imagine doing your job every day till you die and also your state of mind while doing that. Did you find your answer?
Let’s assume most of us, don’t like our job. But it’s only 10% due to the job itself but 90% due to our mindset about it.
Our ancestors who were working on the farm all day in the hot sun, were happier than us sitting in a comfortable chair. In our life, most of the time we are at work, doesn’t it make it necessary to love our work to be happy?
Let’s have a fresh start, forget what you feel about your job till now. Just one day, try to think that you love your job and enjoy doing it. Then see the difference.
Even after that, you didn’t like your job, its time to hunt for a new job which makes you happy.

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Life is about finding a balance
Between tears and smile,
Between emptiness and satisfaction,
Between sadness and happiness,
Between hopelessness and hope,
Between misery and joy,
Between confusion and clarity,
You will be on either side of extreme
at some point in time
Feel it, but don’t be discouraged
with situations,
Move on until you find the perfect balance!


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