Reminiscence #dailyhaikuchallenge

Make me jump like kid,
Bring tears in my eyes, Still I
Hold you tight – Memories

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Past present future #dailyhaikuchallenge

When past seems to hurt,
future seems uncertain, hold
on the present firm!

Time #dailyhaikuchallenge

Time flew like the wind,
taking part of you with it,
Like sand in the wind.

From Today I am challenging myself to post a haiku daily. Hope this turns out to be fun. You can also join in if you like the journey.

Do you dare

There are two kinds of unfortunate people in the world. One category doesn’t have anything they want and stays unhappy. The second category has everything they want still, they don’t utilize it and stay unhappy.

There is some hope for first-category people because they will work hard to get what they want to come out of their disappointment. But people in the second category don’t have the willingness to utilize the things they have. They won’t even give it to the needy in the fear of not having it, and for the same reason, they also won’t use it. They just keep on staring at the wasting things and stay upset.

Now the choice is yours to decide which category you are in and whether you want to come out of it or not. It’s easy to stay idle and complain about things going wrong. But do you dare to challenge it and change it for your good?

Challenge yourself

Let’s do something different this year. Dig deep into your mind and find out one thing from the list to start with, it could be a hobby or sports activity or any random activity, which you didn’t try ever out of fear or you assumed you can’t do without trying.

Let’s challenge yourself to at least try it once this year to categorise it properly. There is a high chance that you might like it and add it to your favourite list. Who are all up for the challenge?

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