This or That

Even if it’s sunrise or sunset
A bright day or a dark night
Rise or fall
Rainy or sunny
Breeze or cyclone
Full moon or new moon
Gain or loss
Success or failure
Satisfying smiles or sad tears
Everything has a beauty,
May be its beyond our knowledge
Stop complaining. Start understanding!878ab32fabc40c45b48114ac01bf253d--sunrise-pictures-nature-pictures

Unsaid understanding

“Ravi where are you going to celebrate the new year this year ? “ Asked his mom helping her daughter-in-law with lunch preparation.

“Why are you asking silly questions mom, asusual I will come there to celebrate with you and dad, what will I do here? “ He replied casually.

His mom noticed his wife face became dull hearing his reply.

His mom replied “ Really , I was thinking to ask you , to celebrate it in her home. She might be missing her parents right ? You usually celebrate with us na , It would be different for you too”

Her daughter-in-law got surprised on hearing this, she was thinking to ask the same for few days. She felt so happy hearing her mother in law say it. Sometimes they shared a bond , even without talking much 🙂 She smiled at her. Ravi nodded understandingly, his

mom is also someone’s daughter.

Two Magical words

Fly High.

You will know the importance of this word, When you want to fly high But have a hesitation , fear of leaving things behind, When the whole world tell you to stop except one, Then you look at your better half, They assure you to take care of things, and utter the two magical words Fly High.


Blind Love

“Why are you doing like this?” She said.

“What did I do ?” I asked avoiding the eye contact.

“Are you sad ? Would you like to tell me why ? “ She asked with concern tempting me to talk.

“Nothing like that” I tried to reply cheerfully , hiding my hurt from the previous fight. and sighed.

“Will you tell me , if there is any problem ?” She asked in unconvinced voice.

I smiled at her and replied ” Of course I will let you know”

My mind whispered “I hate it when you melt again, seeing her care and forgive her, blinded by love, knowing you will get hurt again.”

I replied to my mind softly ” Sometimes words are not needed, Actions speak a lot. She is sorry about that incident. She wants me to be happy”.  I hugged her , reassuring things are normal.

She is too proud to say sorry aloud and I am too proud to agree I am hurt. Our life will move on like this.

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