You,me and love

Arya was waiting outside her hostel. Yazhini rushed outside to meet him. Still her charm pulled his heart just like the first day. He always fall in love on seeing her. Thinking all this , he got lost in his thoughts.

She tapped his shoulder to bring him back to earth. She smiled her radiant smile.

“Your smile is ….” He started something.

“Beautiful ? Cute ? ” She suggested rolling her eyes at him.

“Nah magical. Always spellbound me” He winked.

“Your have improved a lot from your first day. Being insensitive to this “She laughed.

Today is her birthday. He wanted to make it memorable for her. After thinking numerous options he got a beautiful gift for her. With his plans he wanted to surprise her.

Out of nowhere she said just like reading his mind” Okay. Surprise me today. Nothing usual, no cakes, no parties. Suggest something new.”

Smiling He gave her a neatly wrapped gift box saying “Anything for you my lucky girl. Here it is!” She, “A gift? That’s what you call something unusual?”  She laughed. He joined in her laughter and said, “First take this!”

She was about to open it, But he took that from her hand, placed it in car and said “Let’s go Out!”

They roamed whole day going to temple, restaurant and then finally to a shopping mall.

“Okay now, It’s your favorite. Let’s shop” He said teasingly.

She couldn’t control her smile , and started her hunt for dresses.

“Shall I take anything from here ?” She asked playfully, pointing all the floors .

“Yes anything” He said happily.

“How about this ? that one and that other one ?” She asked excitedly.

He laughed “Go slow. We have all the time in the world.”

She smiled and started looked around seriously.

He waited patiently , as she got busy in her shopping. He couldn’t stop himself from looking at her. She seemed so cute. He always felt the connection from the first day. He had a huge crush on her from college days, But was trapped in the fear of facing her.  Destiny was in his favor, as workplace brought them together. Then it took only few months for her to realize the love and propose. Getting the proposal from your crush when you are least expecting it. He smiled thinking about that magical moment.

“How is this ? ” She appeared after trying long list of dress,  waving one cute pink dress in her hand.

Before he could say something, She checked the price and bit her lips saying “It’s good but .. way too costly. You already spent a lot today. I will take this one ” She pointed to her second favorite dress from that and said guiltily.

Even after convincing for long time , She was not ready to take it. She adamantly said ” My birthday . My wish. Let’s go”. She pushed him out of the shop.

After roaming all day, he dropped her back at her place.

” You always make me feel special. I feel so lucky. Today is the best day in my life.” She confessed.

” Nah I am so lucky to have you. Everyday is best , when you are with me. Did I surprise you?” He said hesitantly.

“You always surprise me , even at unexpected time. I am tired. goodnight” She turned to leave.

“Wait. Real surprise is waiting now. Don’t you want to your gift ?” He pulled the gift box from the car.

“Oops I forgot” She punched her head and got ready to open it with excitement like child.

She opened and found the same dress she liked first, neatly packed,  Beautiful pink dress. She couldn’t utter a word in surprise.

“When did you get this ? You were with me , the whole time. It is that same dress right ? It’s so beautiful” She said lovingly.

” After visiting quite a long list of shop, I got this for you last week. But when you chose the same dress today it was a real surprise for me” He laughed.

“Today I can say you know me more than I know about me. I love you” She hugged him.

” Happy birthday Yazh. I love you so much. I promise years and years of togetherness with you.” He hugged her tight and whispered  in her ears.


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PS: Inspired by true story of my friend.

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