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Dream vs reality

Many words left unsaid

Many things left undone

Many songs left unsung

Many stories left unwritten

Many foods left uncooked

Alas dreams don’t become a reality

Unless you work and do it!

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Harsh fact

Few relationship are very fragile

Like glasswares,

Even with much care

Unfortunately it cracks,

In fear of making it worse

Unconsciously we began to

Avoid it,

Day by day Having it and

enjoying just become a distance memory !


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Why our generation is not happy

Our expectations are getting higher and higher everyday. People who are from India can relate to the analogy I am going to give.

Few years back before Reliance Jio plans came, We are spending way too much for the 3G/4G, voice plans, rate cutter and sms also. After Jio came, we began to get 1GB 4G data, unlimited calls,sms all at cheap plans. We are happy initially. Now again we have started complaining about the data not sufficient for the usage. Just think about it , one thing which made you happy before is not enough now.

Like this in life We are setting our happiness way too high as we experience more things. Our expectations might motivate us to do more sometime,but most of the time its shouting we are not happy with what we have now at our face.

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We are pushing everyone away

And living alone in our personal bay,

To fill the vacuum left by people race

In our closed space,

We add more materialistic comfort,

And fell in love more

with it without much discomfort,

To ease ourselves, we nurture things around us,

Without minding the world’s fuss,

You call it life,

I call it a luxurious prison with daggling overhead knife .


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Sweet dream or harsh reality

Here I go

In search of that distance light

In long tough journey,

Moving  with all my will power,

dream of that light

Urge me to move forward

Even when my mind confuse me with doubts,

Even when I stumbles with hurdles,

Even  when the surrounding is pitch dark,

Even when I am  too scared,

I carry that dream in my heart

Holding it alive with all my energy

Mild smile lit up my face in anticipation

When I drew near, my heart beating fast,

After reaching,  My heart filled with satisfaction

I stay silent for a while enjoying its beauty,

mind is overflowing with unmeasurable happiness

Even when i know it’s not real,

I can not help,

I hold on to that light like its my life.IMG-20170622-WA0003



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Abundance vs scarcity

Everyone likes having an abundance of everything like luxury, money, comfort. But have you imagined your attitude towards it after that? Do you think you will like that the same way you ever yearned for that?

In earlier days, taking photos used to be very rare. Only during functions or on special occasions we used to take it. Do you remember how enthusiastically we were showing it to our friends, relatives when they come home? Now we have a phone and clicking selfies every now and then. But do we ever treasure it like before? Do we even care to see them like before? No, In reality As time goes on, we even forget about it.

In good old days, people were writing letters once in a while. So they thought a lot and wrote only important things. Some people even kept that letters as their memories. Now we have our wonderful handy invention ( phone) , we talk and chat a lot. We share every non trivial thing. Sometimes we even forget people around us and get lost in their virtual world phone creates. After some time do we even remember  what were we talking so interestingly?

when the phone or laptop was invented were coming into use, memory capacity of that used to be very less. We filtered a lot before saving anything in it. Now we have plenty of space, we keep every file which otherwise would have gone to trash.

Do you really think having something abundance make it important or just make us to take it for granted?

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Is money important

This question has many types of answers. You can talk money is nothing, it is just numbers in your account. What’s the big deal. I was also talking like that until I faced this situation in life. Let’s try to

put yourself in this position and see.

1 Someone important to you is critical in hospital , you don’t have money in hand and even when you get your next salary , if it’s not enough then what to do ? Well you can argue ,better take insurance , okay now Even when You have insurance, but what if there is complication in getting it on time. What would you do then ?

2 Your mom complains her leg is paining, you want to take her for hospital. When you express the same she simply replies,” it will be alright, I will apply a balm. Why do we waste money on this ? “ How do you convince her then ?

3 Your kids are very bright students. They chose a good school and also get the admission with their good marks. You also know that’s good school, if they take this opportunity they will shine in their future. But you can’t afford it. What do you tell them?

4 Your parents were working hard all these years, sacrificing their needs to fulfil yours. Now you want to give them some of the needs they might have but couldn’t fulfill it before. How do you do it ?

Now you answer the same question. Isn’t money important in these case ? Don’t always think of money and run after it.But make sure you work hard to afford the basic necessities peacefully with your money. Know your priorities while spending even a penny ! I repeat earning money is as important as the reason behind spending it.


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