Is life really complicated

Having up and down in life is okay. But why does life mostly seems complicated, struggling, tough! Is this like this for everyone?

We always believe there is success after every struggle, there is happiness behind every sadness.We embrace the struggle in hope of succeeding . I wonder are we want only seek out for struggles? Is our belief of struggling brings success becoming reality ?

Oh there is strange thing I have heard people say, don’t laugh too much , you will cry soon . Are we what ? Astrologist !

Don’t expect anything, struggle , success, happiness, sadness, nothing . Go with the flow of life. Put your heart and effort in the things you do, if you achieve something then great, if you Don’t achieve it , then also good . Live in the moment.


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10 responses to “Is life really complicated

  1. I believe it has a lot to do with our perception of life, as well as our expectations. I don’t believe we were put here to struggle. Live, not simply exist.

    I also believe as one quote I once found says: ‘You weren’t meant to carry the mountain, but to cross the mountain.’

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  2. It certainly is like that for me for a looong time…


  3. I can relate to that. And I agree – letting go of expectations (or at least doing so as much as possible) and just living for the good and the bad is crucial to me. Not everyone understands it, though. Accepting the ups and downs saves us from misery.

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  4. A great inspiration and so well written Saranya.

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