Take calculated risk

When this pandemic started, I was staying at home all time due to the fear of getting affected, my mind was clouded with the possibility of all ‘what if’ situation. But I used to look out of the window and yearn for the day I will go out and enjoy the walk. Going out was a risk at this time. As the result, I was putting on weight and sad about not able to do anything.

One day, I decided I had enough of all this fear, I took enough safety measures and stepped out of the house. At last, I was able to feel the freedom from the restriction. I walked regularly and stayed fit and also happy.

This made me think about the similarity of this with our life. We have the fear of something bad happening in our lives and don’t ever take the risk. We try to stay safe in our comfort zone and only yearn to do something we love. Eventually, this adds depression in our mind and suck out happiness. Take a calculated risk, step out of the comfort zone which exists only in our mind.

Look around, get inspired

I read a book ‘simply fly’ about the air Deccan founder caption Gopinath. I was so inspired and mesmerized by the hurdles he has faced in life, yet we had succeeded in fulfilling his dream. This arises a question in my mind. We usually look at the person he has succeeded and get inspired. But he had succeeded because he had put on so many efforts and worked hard. Can we for a change look around the people in our life, who is working hard to achieve something and get inspired? We will also help them achieve it soon with this small gesture. Be inspired and also be a push factor for them. Instead of looking back at their life after success, be with them and make it worth a journey for them.

Untold story

“I wanted to tell but I couldn’t , that’s why I wrote a book for her . I wanted to tell the whole world that I loved a girl , she was my soulmate” He said in the interview with stone face, sometimes happy endings are limited to the book.

PS: story picked from imagination.

You & your happiness

Have you ever wondered why we feel like chasing happiness throughout our life, but it is just getting away from us?

Only one thing stand between you and the complete happiness . Guess what is it ? Well it’s not a secret.

It’s ‘your perception’ of life . You have a dream in your mind, a painting of how your life should be. You always compare that dream with what your life is now and try to find only what is missing there. When the variation is huge , You end up being disappointed with the results. Don’t look for ‘what is missing’ ,  always ask yourself  ‘why it is missing’. 

Oh hold on, am not saying don’t dream take life as it is. Have a big colorful dream but try to make it well planned one. Outline the path you need to take to reach there someday and work on it.

For example , Let’s say you have a dream to cook biryani today. You need to plan for that . First you should start with getting all needed ingredients and then you need to follow the recipe till end. If you don’t do all this , just cooked noodles as it’s easy and keep on getting disappointed for not having biryani. Whose fault it is !! Think and act accordingly in your life. So come on, Dream big and also most importantly make sure to pave your way to reach it. If you do this , you will find Happiness is a gradual progress, you will make each day in life. 

Me & My Life

From the day I got my sense
We are always together,
Sometimes you gift me
smile and enrich my day
with happiness,
Sometimes you throw the
problem and teach me
to tackle it,
Sometimes you stay heartless
and make me sad,
Sometimes you stole my peace
and play hide and seek,
Sometimes you introduce me to
nice people,
Sometimes you leave behind
rude cruel people and take away
caring people,
Sometimes you give me taste
of success,
Sometimes you show real
pain of failure,
Sometimes you laugh at me
when i fell,
Sometimes you pat my shoulder
to comfort me,
Sometimes you make me clueless
yet to see meaning of situations,
you may not be fair,
But trully worth living for,
Even when i hate you and like
you at the same time,
We have long way to go:)

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Success is different for everyone

For some it’s earning name and fame

For some it’s enabling other’s to succeed

For some it’s having all the wealth in the world

For some it’s helping others

For some it’s getting high paying job

For some it’s giving job to others

For some it’s getting wonderful degree

For some it’s teaching others

They may succeed in one thing

you may succeed entirely different thing

No one goal is same

So don’t waste your time

rewriting other’s story of success

Decide your need,chase it

Get it  and Bring out your epic story of success  🙂

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Does success make you bored

“Sree why don’t you slow down ?” Her mom panicked.

“ I don’t want to. I want to swing high ,reach that highest branch “ she replied enthusiastically.

She was concentrating hard and swinging fast, she eventually reached that branch, she smiled in happiness for a second and stopped the swing and hopped down.

She said “ Mom I am bored, going out. Enough of swinging ”

Her mom asked “Why? What happened?”

Sree made a face and replied ” I have reached that goal . Now no thrill in it ”

Her mom sighed , took her hand and said “ Success is not only this one second , it’s effort of all those failures.Cherish the success and also hard work behind it Sree. Feel that hard-earned moment. You won’t be bored.”

Is life really complicated

Having up and down in life is okay. But why does life mostly seems complicated, struggling, tough! Is this like this for everyone?

We always believe there is success after every struggle, there is happiness behind every sadness.We embrace the struggle in hope of succeeding . I wonder are we want only seek out for struggles? Is our belief of struggling brings success becoming reality ?

Oh there is strange thing I have heard people say, don’t laugh too much , you will cry soon . Are we what ? Astrologist !

Don’t expect anything, struggle , success, happiness, sadness, nothing . Go with the flow of life. Put your heart and effort in the things you do, if you achieve something then great, if you Don’t achieve it , then also good . Live in the moment.

Success vs happiness

Success – It’s like a price tag in the dress or the high paying job or like the big house, you attain something, Everyone sees it and praise you for achieving it.

Happiness – It’s the feel you get when you see a dress and like it before even seeing the price tag , when you like the interview and workplace even before getting the payroll details, When you see the land and picture you happily living with your family, even before building a big house . That small thing is called happiness, you don’t anyone to certify it or anything to feel it.

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