Is life really complicated

Having up and down in life is okay. But why does life mostly seems complicated, struggling, tough! Is this like this for everyone?

We always believe there is success after every struggle, there is happiness behind every sadness.We embrace the struggle in hope of succeeding . I wonder are we want only seek out for struggles? Is our belief of struggling brings success becoming reality ?

Oh there is strange thing I have heard people say, don’t laugh too much , you will cry soon . Are we what ? Astrologist !

Don’t expect anything, struggle , success, happiness, sadness, nothing . Go with the flow of life. Put your heart and effort in the things you do, if you achieve something then great, if you Don’t achieve it , then also good . Live in the moment.

Life and struggles

These words always arise this question in my mind!

Is a life without struggle worth living?

Then one day I thought a lot and got a simple answer to this question.

Just think of the plain sea without any waves, how long will you enjoy it, but when are waves either big one or tiny one, it’s fun to watch them disturb the still surface, that’s how life is and struggle to add beauty to it, when you look back at life someday, there should be something worth remembering about right ?

Let’s say the child has nice handwriting from the beginning, it will feel it as a normal thing, but when the child had really bad handwriting and struggled each day to make it beautiful. How much happiness would that end result brings when you think about those struggles. Embrace the struggles with the belief that’s for better tomorrow 🙂

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