Literature – People

I like to read people

Look around and read with curious eyes

Sometimes people are like open book

Few hide the pain

In poetic way,

Few take any situation

In humor sense,

Few make their point

Crisp like haiku,

Few rhyme well with others,

Few live their life

Interesting as unpredictable story ,

Few engross themselves

In the fantasy world away from others,

Few act Β like

They are in Β drama stage,

Very few live in reality,

In non fictional way

Going with the flow blissfully,

Few are not my type of literature,

But I am fond of every one around me

Because they kindle the avid reader in me πŸ˜€


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26 responses to “Literature – People

  1. The pins placed on the wall, in order.

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  2. Nyara

    Really amazing! I loved reading it! ❀

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  3. Great way of reading people. Very interesting literature indeed!

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  4. great poem..glad to meet you

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  5. This is nice, very nice even 😊

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  6. Nasuko

    Wish your Happy New Year 2018:D

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  7. (kris)tinaboucher

    Wonderful poem, thanks for sharing! I particularly enjoyed the lines, “Very few live in reality/In non-fictional way.” Thought provoking! Happy writing!

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  8. Well written


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  9. I dare you to imagine a situation exactly different. If books were people how they would look like?

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  10. Books as living people you mean ?

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  11. Great way to say how you really feel

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  12. thebrontejournals

    your expression power is really good

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