Unerasable scar

Few scars are not visible 

But kills you from inside 

Pain is unbearable

Mere words can’t explain it

It just empty your happiness

Wipe off every trace of smile

However bad it is

Soothe the wound
Let it heal

Let the scar fade away 

Be kind to yourself , promise yourself 

Not to remember the pain and relive it

If something did not happen

It had no chance either way

Accept the fact , Let it go

Don’t pull the failures of past 

And hurt yourself more and more πŸ™‚

Author: saranya

I am Saranya Sridharan, Software Engineer by profession and a passionate author by choice. My hobby was initially just reading and reading alone. Surprisingly, my writing spree was ignited at a Haiku competition conducted by my college. This ignited spark then rendered to offer another hobby β€œBlogging” into my life. I have been blogging since then for the last 6 years. I like to motivate people, inspire them to be positive in their life.But being a silent girl , i rarely get the chance to mingle with anyone to express my thoughts. So here i voice out my opinions in words. After reading this people will know this silent girl , actually have a lot to tell to this world. I stick to the simple motto in life, 'Express yourself' In any way you are comfortable with . I have started doing it. What about you !!

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