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Are you in search of getting a book to engage you for a while ? Are you trying to find new topic to read? Here you can grab a copy of heart warming short stories in my second book ‘ Untold stories’ .

For those who don’t have kindle device or app, You can get ebook from this site. You will get book in pdf format.

Ebook in pdf form:

Amazon ebook link

Paperback Link

If you like to hold the book and read like a vivid reader, check this link

Amazon paperback

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Paperback book – Poetic medley

Even when we read lot of articles in the internet, have tons of ebooks to read from. It is always amazing experience to have a book in hand, That smell of pages and the way we turn pages as we are traveling inside the book . It’s Thrill. Hence i have added the book in paperback also 😀 Read it and enjoy that feel.

Amazon paper back

Within India delivery:

Paperback delivery within India

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