My Second book- Untold stories


I am so happy to share this exciting news that I have published my second book ‘Untold stories‘. One of the goals is ticked off from my wish list for this year 🙂  Have you gone through the exhilarating feel of seeing your long awaited dream becoming reality? That’s how I feel now, too happy to even describe that. To give you a brief summary of this book, There are a lot of stories revolving around you. Each moment you get the chance to see a story happening. But due to our limited focus, that often go unnoticed. This book is a small effort to bring such stories to your attention. It is a collection of motivating, funny, inspiring, magical, happy and heart touching tragic stories. Now I am eagerly waiting for your feedback.

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Paperback book – Poetic medley

Even when we read lot of articles in the internet, have tons of ebooks to read from. It is always amazing experience to have a book in hand, That smell of pages and the way we turn pages as we are traveling inside the book . It’s Thrill. Hence i have added the book in paperback also 😀 Read it and enjoy that feel.

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