Gift me

I am very pleased with the enthusiasm shown by the readers. For this year, I want a small gift from the readers and fellow writers. In order to set my target right, I want constructive criticism or honest feedback from you all. Go ahead and comment which genre or category you want to read more in this blog or which category you want me to improve or simply which genre you liked in my blog πŸ˜ƒ


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10 responses to “Gift me

  1. I like your drawings, your art is something to be looked at. Keep pursuing that and I also love your positivity writings, your post like Destination, Is is just Me and Perfect Partner was uplifting reads that people could relate to. But you focus on how you feel because I enjoy all your post but you inspire with your positive points.🌹

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  2. Write whatever you feel is ok with you. It does not matter what genre it is. The most important is that your reader knows that you know your topic and you mean what you say.

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  3. Hi ! It has been since so long you are in blogging which itself means your readers enjoy reading. Personally I love reading articles that inspire and show us a way to deal with difficult situations.
    Secondly, haiku poems and drawings as they inspire to write.

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  4. I’m quite content with whatever you choose to write!

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