Who decides your limitation

When I was a kid , I read a story. There was an insect which was kept in the container for an experiment , They locked the container with a lid . Earlier when they trapped the insect , it tried few times to get out of the container, But the lid was tight . It couldn’t get out of it, Out of frustration it started merely circling around inside the container.

In few days , They removed the lid. Still the insect did not get out. It stayed there till its death. It is surprising right ? Can you guess the reason ? Because It never tried again, after failure. Now , Lid was not the only reason  for the insect trapped there. It is its own belief , that it won’t be able to get out. That small belief was so strong to keep it away from trying.

Is only the insect like that ? Close your eyes and think once , How many limitation you feel you have in your life ? Are they really limitation  or it’s only your assumption that it is your limitation ? Let’s say you want to try something in your life . You assume your family won’t like it. They think you wont like it. Now who is putting limitation here ?

Before believing you are trapped, Try to break out of it. Limitation can change with your perspective. If you are feeling low and see it from one side , it seems your highest threshold. If you are feeling confident and  see from other side it seems your beginning point of new horizon 🙂

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7 responses to “Who decides your limitation

  1. …on a similar line – I heard many times about baby elephant. They tie one of the legs of them with the iron chain and how hard they try they can not escape and when they grow into the adult they tie them with a rope. They do not try after that as they think it is not going to break. We human beings should keep trying or else our story will be like an ant or an elephant. Nice!

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  2. It is only by doing something that we can achieve something. Also endure to the end, try till your last breath, don’t give up after a few set backs

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  3. That was a great allegory for that message. Well done.

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  4. I think at some point in our lives we all feel trapped!

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