Funny love story

“You love me, don’t you?” She asked in dull voice not taking her eyes off the book she’s reading.

He got scared with the question thinking why she is asking that suddenly.

He replied in confused tone “Ofcourse I do stupid.Don’t you know ? Why what happened ?”

She replied suppressing her laughter “ Yeah I know. Can you please get me water from the fridge? This book is so interesting”.

He can’t stop himself from smiling and replied “ You are way too much”.

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13 responses to “Funny love story

  1. This put me in moods. 😊


  2. My reply to: “You are way too much”, would be:
    You are not enough, I want more.
    Nice post.

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  3. Nice way of getting work done.

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  4. hai saranya I liked your blog very much …your writing is very simple and attractive, such writers inspire me very much .thank you

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