Mission : problem finding

Problem finding is not at all the bad thing , it’s actually good . Look around you, find the problems , it could be anything , either the small one or big one. If you try to find the solution , you will get only existing solution. Make your own solution to make life easy and comfortable.

Think about it , there was always a problem , behind every innovation. In old days, communicating people was a problem. Either someone had to go directly and give the message or they had to send pigeon for that . Both of that took long time. They needed a quick solution , As time evolved , came the invention of phone , through that people communicated any time. But what if they are outside still wanted to communicate , then came the cell phone, small and compact , helped to talk from anywhere . But if they couldn’t attend the call , communication was still not possible . Then came wonderful invention , instant message . Chat anytime , anywhere. Problem is same, communicating . For that so many inventions.

Like wise take anything , commuting from one place to another was problem . In old days , people used to walk or go by horse . What if they wanted to go in group , then came the carts driven by bull or horse . What if the animal die in between the travel , then came the concept of vehicle , cycle , rickshaw, then for speed , we went for bikes, car. Even if they broke down or run out of petrol, we can repair or refill it. We are still evolving with different modes of travel .

Getting up on time was a problem, I can tell my parents or my friends to wake me up. What if they also didn’t wake up or forget to wake me up. There came invention of alarm.

Doing calculating at lightening spots was not easy for all, it was a problem and time consuming. There came the work of calculator . But why do I have to carry it everywhere , what if I have it in the thing I use , that’s how the calculator became part of computer and phone . Like this I can go on and on.

If you look at something , ask yourself what was the problem without it , why it was invented , you don’t have to be a scientist to figure it out . However simple it is, find the problem and create the solution , remould it until you are happy with the result. Make your life and life of people around you comfortable.

There is one popular ad , one idea can change the world, it is very true , these cell phone , computer companies and travel companies all give comfortable life and also opportunity for people to earn. Find the problem , have one idea , just one , which could be your solution . Mission starts now 🙂

Author: saranya

I am Saranya Sridharan, Software Engineer by profession and a passionate author by choice. My hobby was initially just reading and reading alone. Surprisingly, my writing spree was ignited at a Haiku competition conducted by my college. This ignited spark then rendered to offer another hobby “Blogging” into my life. I have been blogging since then for the last 6 years. I like to motivate people, inspire them to be positive in their life.But being a silent girl , i rarely get the chance to mingle with anyone to express my thoughts. So here i voice out my opinions in words. After reading this people will know this silent girl , actually have a lot to tell to this world. I stick to the simple motto in life, 'Express yourself' In any way you are comfortable with . I have started doing it. What about you !!

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  1. Great post like always! I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for The Liebster Award 🎉💕You can check it out on my blog and once you make a post on it just let me know. Happy Blogging 😸

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