Farewell talk to 2017

Short conversation between me and 2017

“Hey 2017” I said.

“Hey” told 2017 in dull voice.

“Are you sad that you are leaving in few days ? “ I asked 2017 trying to understand more.

“No I am just confused. I stayed with people for quite a long time more than 360 days. People are not sad that I am going, but they are so excited about my friend 2018,waiting with so much joy. Won’t they miss me when I am gone ?” 2017 asked in worried voice.

“People are always curious about the thing they don’t have. They have huge expectation from your friend 2018. They are waiting to make a huge deal for the days they will spend together. Don’t worry they will miss you for sure “ I tried to console.

“I tried my best to give everyone equal opportunity, fair share of happiness and smile and some bad time also. But they forgot all good things and remember only bad days. They should accept the sad time also,it make them realise the happiness fully when it comes. They should appreciate and learn from it. I am sad same will happen with my friend 2018. They will hate him at the end” 2017 sighed .

“Don’t worry 2017. I thank you for the good things and thank you more for the sad days,they made me strong. I hope people will understand it. Cheer up” I waved 2017 with smiling face.

Time or God is not responsible for what happened to us, they won’t be responsible in future also. Don’t put the blame in others and ran away from responsibility. If your life is not going well and you are not happy , take responsibility do what need to be done. When something good happens, you say proudly yeah I did it , likewise say for sad time too. Only when you accept this, you will search for solution for those problems. Magically noone going to appear to save you like in movies.

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20 responses to “Farewell talk to 2017

  1. Love this! ❤️
    Hayley 😊

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  2. Lovely conversation 👌👌👏

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  3. Interesting perspective, but l think at one point or another don’t we all have a deep and meaningful conversation with time? Nice post.

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  4. The conversation between yourself and 2017 is quite interesting and insightful

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  5. Interesting conversation!

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  6. That was so innovatively written

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