Success vs happiness

Success – It’s like a price tag in the dress or the high paying job or like the big house, you attain something, Everyone sees it and praise you for achieving it.

Happiness – It’s the feel you get when you see a dress and like it before even seeing the price tag , when you like the interview and workplace even before getting the payroll details, When you see the land and picture you happily living with your family, even before building a big house . That small thing is called happiness, you don’t anyone to certify it or anything to feel it.


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6 responses to “Success vs happiness

  1. I always just like the dress, never look at the price! 😉
    I like your point though!! I love my little family.

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  2. Sometimes a feeling of success is confused with Happiness

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  3. True. Losing its importance though.

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  4. Success can be loosely defined by the owner. Success can be happiness, money, assets, things, etc. Happiness is being content with the things you dont or do have. It’s all about perspective.

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