Tried this cute and sweet tweety for first time . Lol now it’s your turn to say it’s cute or not 😉


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21 responses to “Tweety

  1. apadiye kannadiya paathu varanjingala madam..supera cutea alagaa semmaya irukku

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  2. Vignesh kumar

    Good try. Cute and sweety..

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  3. Lol! I like the second one better! Tweety with attitude!!

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  4. A thought I saw a cute tweety bird. I did! I did see a cute tweety bird!!😁😁. Such awesome character and detail, love the emotion change. Great job!!


  5. Tweety looks extra cute!

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  6. It’s cute 😍🙈

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  7. Great expressions. Continue to work for what you are looking for.

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