Concentrate on your plate

Let’s say you have worked hard in hot kitchen to make a dish , you take one bite , it’s seems so yummy to satisfy your hunger. You look around happily but find someone eating more delicious looking food nearby , you like it more , you yearn to have that , you don’t think of the effort they might have put in making it to plate , suddenly your so far delicious food magically turns disgusting . You take one more bite with all the dreams of that other food , you couldn’t swallow it . You feel sorry for yourself , you feel pathetic about your food . You lost in the dream of that tasty food in other’s plate , your plate is left unnoticed and it’s slowly going waste .

One second, before hating your food , think of the sweat you have Shed in making it and that homeless guy sleeping with empty stomach filling it only with dream of food. Now is your food really that disgusting ?

Our life is like that food in the plate , will you just stare at other’s life and waste yours ? Or Atleast be thankful that you have one to be proud of ?

Be grateful of what you have and know the worth of it, before it is too late . Just concentrate on your plate !


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6 responses to “Concentrate on your plate

  1. wow saranya, I simply loved it.Its giving the best message

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  2. Very inspiring, Saranya. Your post reminds me of my blog, and how jealous I often am of other bloggers.

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  3. Inspiring message which makes one really think on what’s on my plate and be grateful for it.

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